5 Things Every Vaper Needs To Know!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, here are 5 things every vaper needs to know!


Vaping is constantly evolving and changing. As vaping grows increasingly popular around the world as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, more companies are jumping on board and creating some innovative vaporizers and e-cigarettes. If you haven’t tried vaping yet, the whole thing can seem quite daunting, but once you get started, you’re going to laugh about simple and easy vaping really is.


We’re going to talk about 5 of the things that every vaper should know about vaping and vaporizers. Don’t worry; we’re not getting into the technical stuff here, just the important things about vapor that vapers all need to know.


  1. How Is Vapor Made? – When you light a cigarette, it’s pretty obvious where the smoke is coming from and why. E-cigarettes and vaporizers aren’t quite as easily explained. You press the firing button on your vaporizer, inhale, and exhale big fluffy clouds of vapor. Surprisingly, it’s not magic. When you fill your e-cigarette tank, the e-liquid soaks into the cotton wicking material surrounding the coil. When you press the firing button, it completes the circuit between the battery and the coil, sending power to the coil and heating up the wire inside it. The wire heats the e-liquid which turns it into a vapor that is then inhaled via the mouthpiece. It’s important to allow your coil time to soak up e-liquid when you first fill the tank and also between hits. This will help to avoid burning your coil and getting what is known as a dry hit.


  1. Which Vaporizer Is Perfect For You? – Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, but this popularity is driving manufacturers to create more and more vaporizers and e-cigarettes. This is great, but it makes it hard for new vapers to choose a model of the vaporizer which suits them. To make it a bit easier to choose we’re going to break vaporizers down into two distinct models:


Mouth-To-Lung – MTL vaporizers are designed to be the same as traditional cigarettes. They are designed to allow you to draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs. MTL vaporizers are great for beginners.


Direct-To-Lung – DTL vaporizers are designed to make massive amounts of vapor that is then inhaled directly into your lungs, without letting it linger in your mouth. DTL vaporizers are normally used by more experienced vapers and cloud chasers.


  1. How Important Are The Settings On Your Vaporizer? – Many people making the switch from cigarettes are happy with a basic e-cigarette with limited settings or preset settings. After a while, many vapers want a little bit more out of their vaporizer. More advanced vaporizers allow you to adjust for different sized coils, wattage, wire, airflow, and much more. The higher the wattage and the lower the resistance of the coil, the more vapor your vaporizer will produce. Likewise, when you adjust the air flow on your vaporizer can increase and decrease the amount of vapor produced. Less airflow equals a tighter draw and less vapor. While opening the airflow up will make the draw much lighter and produce more vapor when you inhale.


  1. How Much Nicotine Should You Get In Your E-Liquid? – When you first quit smoking, or you’re trying to quit smoking, stick with e-liquids that are in the 18mg – 24mg nicotine range. After a few weeks or a month without cigarettes, start transitioning down to lower levels of nicotine. Many vapers switch to zero or 4mg nicotine e-liquid very quickly. Less nicotine in your e-liquid makes the flavor profiles much better and allows you to experience some amazing flavors!


  1. What Are The Easiest Ways To Look After Your Vaporizer? – Keeping your vaporizer in top condition will not only make it perform better, but it will also keep it working for longer. It’s important to regularly change or clean your coil to prevent it from becoming blocked up with e-liquid residue. You’ll also want to keep your tank clean, with many vapers cleaning their tanks each time they switch flavors. Another great tip to keep your vaporizer in top condition is to charge the batteries properly in an external charger if your vaporizer has removable batteries. Never leave you vaporizer unattended while it charges and always avoids overcharging it.

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07 Jul 2018

By Ben Jackson

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