5 Tricks to Keep Your Bag Fresh

Purchasing a new bag is hard. It takes a lot of effort to find the right quality. Also, the cost of an excellent bag is rarely low. It is thus crucial to ensure your bag lasts long and maintains its look. So, how do you ensure that it remains fresh over time?

Deodorize Your Bag

Bad odor can make you stop using your bag. Rather than wait for the smell to start, why not deodorize it routinely?

If you owned odor free fanny packs, you would not have to worry about the smell. But here you are.

You can deodorize your bag using tea-bags or coffee sachets. Putting them in your bag can keep the lousy smell at bay. Or for a temporary solution, you can spray your bag with perfume or a fabric freshener.

Right Removal Of Stains

Different stains have a different way of removing them. Meaning, you have to know the type of stain on your bag before finding a way of removing it.

Fresh ink stain is removable with a white eraser. You should not leave ink stains to dry out. Or else it will be costly removing them. For food stains, you only have to apply white chalk and rubbing it off after it dries out.

Oil stain, which is near as hard to remove as ink, should not overstay on your bag. A simple application of corn right after the spill is enough to absorb oil. Later, rub the stain off your pack.

Routine Maintenance

Ordinary bags need more maintenance than smell proof fanny packs. First, they get dirty fast. Meaning you must clean them regularly.

Keeping bags away from sunlight is another way of protecting bags. Failure to do so causes fading and tearing out.

Protect the Bag Material

If you want your bags to last longer, you have to protect its material. You can do by using a fabric protector or suede cleaner.

Unlike smell proof fanny packs which are waterproof, ordinary bags need suede. Suede acts like water and oil repellent.

In the case of leather bags, moisturizers can help to maintain smoothness and act as protection for UV rays.

Proper Storage

Bags quickly wear out due to poor storage. Rather than storing your bags anywhere, you should hang smaller bags while they are empty. And store larger bags on shelves in upright position. You should also make sure that you stuff your bags with paper for shape maintenance.


Bags will only last longer if maintained well. Or else you can opt for smell proof fanny packs which do not need a lot of attention. Still, It is essential to own more than one bag for rotational purposes.




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07 Jul 2019


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