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New Study Claims Vaping Linked to High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, and Depression!


Here we go again, another ‘study’ claiming a lot based on not much. Keep reading while we give you a breakdown and check out what’s really going on with vaping!... Read full article

The different types of online bongs


As you may, or may not be aware, there are many different types of smoking devices. These online bongs can be found if you go online and look for them. ... Read full article

The proper way to use e-cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new thing, so it’s understandable that not everyone knows how to use them. They differ in a few key ways to cigarettes, so even experienced smokers might be at a loss when it comes to vaping. ... Read full article

Are e-cigarettes legal in Australia?


E-cigarettes are a battery operated device that has become a popular alternative to regular smoking. They are similar to their other smoking counterparts except they don’t tobacco to create smoke. ... Read full article

Pod systems Vs Starter Kits?


When deciding on a vape kit, you can choose from a standard mod with a fixed atomizer or a pod system which has a refillable pod which can be removed and switched out for a new one.... Read full article

Could Be Vapers Be At Risk Because Of Heavy Metals?


A recent study by researchers from Johns Hopkins and other universities are gathering a lot of attention around the world, but is it for all the right reasons?... Read full article

5 Different Types of Vapes: From Beginner to Expert


There are so many different vaporizers on the market, it’s easy to get lost and buy the wrong thing. So what are the different types of vaporizers? Well, that’s exactly what we are looking at today. ... Read full article

Vaping Side Effects and What You Need to Know About Wet Lung


In the news lately, we have been reading a lot about vaping and ‘wet lung’ but what exactly is it and could it affect you?... Read full article

Ditch the Cigarettes


Vaping is more than a fad. It may be growing in popularity, but passionate vaping fans care about more than keeping up with the latest trends. ... Read full article

Full Guide to Vape Juice

by West Cost Vape on

Here is a complete guide to vape juice, where you’ll find all the information about vape juice and the flavors, nicotine levels, and other important information about eliquids. ... Read full article


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