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Vaping Is Slowly Replacing Smoking on Our TV Screens


Soon, you may not even see a cigarette in your movie or television as vaporizers and e-cigarettes become more and more common!... Read full article

5 Things Every Vaper Needs To Know!


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to vaping or have been vaping for a while, here are 5 things every vaper needs to know!... Read full article

Is It Worth Starting A Vaping Business with The Uncertainty of Upcoming Laws?


It doesn’t seem to matter how fast vaping expands around the world; governments are inherently against another product which they believe isn’t much different to traditional cigarettes. With this in mind, is it worth investing time and money in vapin... Read full article

The History of Puffco


Revolutionary, the word that comes to mind when thinking about Puffco. A New York-based vaporizer manufacturer that’s said to have been born out of necessity ... Read full article

Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life


Kingdom Vapor Wholesale supplies the hottest vaping products on the market including E Cigarette, Mods, E-Liquid and other vape supplies. We are an American wholesaler with fast ship times, Low pricing and no MOQ.... Read full article

IQOS Versus Vaping


What is IQOS and how does it compare to vaping?... Read full article

What Is CBD and Is It Legal?


Wondering what CBD is and whether it’s legal to buy? Then keep reading to learn more about CBD and what CBD can do for you!... Read full article

FDA Ban on E-Liquid Flavors!


In the ongoing battle between the vapers and the FDA, the FDA has come out swinging with a proposal to ban e-liquid flavors!... Read full article

How to Convince a Smoker to Switch to Vaping?


If you have friends or family that are still smoking traditional cigarettes and you’re not sure how you can convince them to give vaping a go, here are the top benefits of vaping!... Read full article

Does Vaping Affect Your Sexual Ability or Performance?


Worried about if vaping could affect your sexual ability or performance? Let’s check it out!... Read full article


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