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10 Of the Most Frustrating Things People Say to Vapers!


There truly are some ridiculous things which we need to put up with as vapers. Here are 10 of the most frustrating things people say to vapers!... Read full article

Will Vape Show Up In A Drug Test!


Vaping is becoming more popular and diversified than it has ever been before, from nicotine-based flavors to THC and CBD based ones. It's considered a healthy alternative to smoking, a way to get a nice, clean and healthy high, in some cases, a way t... Read full article

Is Vaping Environmentally Friendly?


We hear a lot about how good, or bad vaping could be, but have you stopped to consider how much better vaping is for the environment?... Read full article

Try This Vaping Quiz!


Think you’re an expert vaper? If so, why not test yourself on this Vaping IQ quiz which will test your vaping jargon knowledge like never before. We’ve selected some well-known vaping jargon and abbreviated them too make this quiz even tougher. ... Read full article

Vaping 101

by VapingCheap on

Vaping is relatively new, especially in comparison to normal smoking, and can be extremely confusing to someone at first when wanting to switch to vaping to help quit smoking for good. ... Read full article

Best 3 Mod E-Cigarette Starter Kits, Vape Tank In 2018


Many times it becomes difficult to choose the right e-cigarette starter kit. With so many varieties available it the market, it’s not easy for anyone to pick the perfect one. Most of the times novice vapers get confused seeing many designs, colors, s... Read full article

Everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes and vaping!

by Alter Smoke on

The electronic cigarette, or e-cig for short, is an alternative way of smoking that is becoming more and more popular day by day. In other words, it has become clear by know that “vaping” is not a passing fad, like some claimed .... Read full article

Smoke without fire!


The success of the vaping market. E-cigarettes, also known as vaping is a growing market with the number of consumers increasing from 2.8 million in 2013 to 6.1 million in 2016. That’s a rise of 120%! Let’s take a look at some of the best things you ... Read full article

Is Vaping Dangerous?


Many people believe that vaping or e-cigarettes are much more dangerous than they really are. They aren’t without any dangers, but let’s take a closer look at how dangerous e-cigarettes or vaporizers really are!... Read full article

How to Promote Your Vape Shop


If you’re looking to jump on board with vape shops or selling vape products, then here’s everything you need to know about how to promote your vape shop!... Read full article


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