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How to Get More Life Out of Your Coils!


Buying coils can get expensive, but if you treat them right and pay a little bit of attention to them, you’ll be able to get longer out of your coils!... Read full article

5 Vape Flavors for Making E-Liquid!


Thinking about making your own e-liquid or e-juice, but you’re not sure which flavors you should start off with? Here are 5 of the best vape flavors you can’t do without!... Read full article

Acetyl, Diacetyl, and Acetoin in Vaping


Wondering what you’re vaping, then it’s time you learned that not all e-liquids contain the best ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about Acetyl, Diacetyl, and Acetoin in Vaping!... Read full article

Is Secondhand Vapor Dangerous?


Everyone knows smoking, and secondhand smoke is bad for you. But is secondhand vapor dangerous? Let’s take a look!... Read full article

Could Vaping be Causing Popcorn Lung?


Every day we hear stories about the dangers of vaping and how it’s linked to popcorn lung among other conditions, but could vaping be causing popcorn lung? Let’s take a closer look!... Read full article

The 4 Worst Vaping Lies Mainstream Media Spread


Heard some crazy things about vaping? Then you’re not alone! Let’s look at 4 of the biggest lies mainstream media spreads about vaping!... Read full article

What Do You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wax Vaporizer?


Whether you are using wax, extract, concentrate, or shatter, you need a vaporizer that is going to give you the right control and mechanisms to get a powerful vapor. ... Read full article

5 Of The Coolest Vape Tricks Out There!


Been vaping for a while, and looking for some of the coolest vape tricks? Then check out our top five including video examples!... Read full article

The Best Mod Starter Kit For 2017


There is a lot of information related to vaping online. This information overload can make it very difficult for you to understand what you need to start vaping in 2017. ... Read full article

Vaping and E-Juice: How They Can Be Dangerous For Kids


You’ve probably heard the many reasons why you must not smoke regular tobacco cigarettes around babies. But given the fame surrounding vaping as a safer, healthier alternative to smoking, do you think you are free to puff carelessly now?... Read full article


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