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Top Tips for Vaping While You Drive!


If you’re serious about your vaping and find yourselves in your vehicle a lot, then this article is for you! Our top tips for vaping while you drive!... Read full article

10 Of the Most Frustrating Things People Say to Vapers!


There truly are some ridiculous things which we need to put up with as vapers. Here are 10 of the most frustrating things people say to vapers!... Read full article

Will Vape Show Up In A Drug Test!


Vaping is becoming more popular and diversified than it has ever been before, from nicotine-based flavors to THC and CBD based ones. It's considered a healthy alternative to smoking, a way to get a nice, clean and healthy high, in some cases, a way t... Read full article

Could Vaping be Causing Popcorn Lung?


Every day we hear stories about the dangers of vaping and how it’s linked to popcorn lung among other conditions, but could vaping be causing popcorn lung? Let’s take a closer look!... Read full article


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