Benefits of local shops

With much of the vaping industry moving to online sales, we are losing touch one of vaping’s greatest assets- going to a vape shop and ordering custom vape juice, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, made right in the store. This allows for a much more personal experience. Being able to customize what flavor, how sweet, how much nicotine, how strong you want the flavor, and even the ratio of VG/PG all help to making quitting smoking easier!

When juice is custom ordered by a customer, it allows them to build the flavor to their personal taste. You can start with a strong strawberry flavor, add some menthol to give it a bit of a cooling effect, choose a nicotine strength of 4.5 mg/ml, and make it a 50 VG/50 PG blend to give a little bit more of a throat hit. There are countless numbers of possibilities, making it truly customizable to an individual.

You are also able to ask questions to verify the quality of the product you are getting. I had the opportunity to interview one of my local shops called Lone Star Vaping- which, based on reviews, is the best vape shop in San Antonio, TX, about the quality of ingredients they use for their e-juice. They proceeded to bring out the main ingredients they use in every flavor, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. On the containers, it verified that they were United States Pharmacopeia Certified Food Grade & Kosher. The flavorings they use are all by reputable brands. Don’t expect for shops to show you what they use, but you can always ask about the quality.

Another factor you want to look for in your search for a good vape shop is a large selection of product. Lone Star Vaping had a lot of variety, with starter kits, pod systems, larger mods, mech mods, drip tips, batteries, and much more. They also have a strong selection of CBD oils. Finding a shop with a big selection allows you to have plenty of options to find what helps stay off of cigarettes.

Many vape shops that make e-liquid in-house are also willing to adjust it if it isn’t to your preference. Most of these shops are willing to increase the nicotine level as needed and some are willing to add more of a flavor or multiple flavors to make the juice stronger tasting. This is something that is very unlikely to happen with premade juice.

Going to a brick & mortar vape shop has some other key advantages too. A local vape shop can help some people to find a community of others trying to achieve the same goal of quitting smoking. It can also help your city or community’s economy by supporting local businesses. A local vaping store can also allow for a more personal display of new products or devices. Finally, having a vape shop close that you are familiar with helps to prevent running out of vape juice or coils, always having the option to go nearby and pick up more in a pinch!


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26 Oct 2019


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