By Bad Modder Fogger –


Bottle: 100 ML

Nicotine level: 6 MG

Flavor Profile: Braz-Berry Grape Acai


Braz-Berry Grape Acai by Bad Modder Fogger is a Braz-Berry Grape Acai free base E-Liquid that comes in a 100 ML bottle. The juice provides the taste of a ripe, tart mix that will have you jazzed. The price for the juice on Bad Modder Fogger’s website for the juice is $30.00.


The E-Liquid produces exceptional cloud production but the marketing label on the bottle leaves a little to be desired. The flavor profile is excellent but doesn't fully match the marketing label on the bottle. The flavor smooth and filled with a grape taste and is a smooth and delicious juice that I feel could be vaped daily. As mentioned above, the value is great for the amount of juice you get.

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11 Feb 2019

By Storm Vape

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