Can vaping causes weight loss

Vaping is said to be the new trend that is grabbing the attention and investment of a large part of the youth all over the world. Vaping is normally said to be an alternative to traditional smoking used by people trying to quit smoking or attempting to switch to light smoking routines. While vaping is constantly associated with health and switching to healthy approaches, health goals are another attachment to vaping.

From heavy health watchers to those looking to simply maintain the weight, from those aiming to gain muscle or the ones trying to opt for more lean foods; health consciousness is a popular phenomenon in today’s world running on information bombardment and awareness influx.

What’s interesting is the fact that vaping with its ever-evolving benefits has proved to be helpful in achieving those health goals.

Traditional Cigarettes

One major concern for smokers trying to quit is weight gain. It is a known fact that when one is a heavy smoker, the appetite as well as the weight drops or at least doesn’t add up and remains consistent. This is mainly due to some ingredients in traditional cigarettes. Vaping addresses this issue of smokers and tends to provide similar benefits in a healthier alternate option.



Vape to be fit

The researchers have found out certain findings regarding weight loss and its association with vaping. While vaping is not said to be the ultimate healthy choice to opt, it also a proven fact that it can assist in sticking closer to the health goals and, both in terms of maintaining a certain weight or in getting to a fixed point.

Nicotine galore

Understanding why vaping is so hyped about being the healthy alternative to cigarette smoking is important. One of the major reasons apart from the other factors is a nicotine-the active ingredient in tobacco cigarettes and is known for this purpose. Nicotine is known to have appetite suppressant qualities and is largely believed to be the sole reason behind smokers managing to keep those extra kilograms away.

Apart from suppressing appetite, nicotine is also believed to speed up the metabolism which further adds to maintaining the desired weight. These two processes working antagonistically speed up the consumption of nutrients and lower the intake. Thus bringing about the desired results.

One technicality, however, is that care should be taken to use nicotine level consistent with the current level found in the tobacco cigarettes one smokes. This is to ensure the major element with the magic wand is sufficiently supplied to the body.

Another plus that vaping has is the availability of flavors and a whole range to choose from without actually taking up calories. The hardest part about losing weight is breaking down and reverting to the food and things we love to consume. Vaping allows for literally over thousands of flavors extracted from original flavors and essences that satisfy one’s craving for specific items without actually having to eat those at the hands of temptation and putting on extra pounds.

Putting in comparison, the regular traditional cigarettes do not offer that range of flavors, the most being tobacco, menthol or clove at the most. These flavors too begin to taste the same after a while. So vaping with all the interesting variables in flavors ranging from cookies, cakes, desserts, mint, fruits-just about anything and everything is a better option and these products are available on

Apart from these tangible arguments regarding vaping and how it scientifically helps cope with weight issues, another problem for smokers is the habitual actions and learning to deal away with them. For instance, weight gain or appetite suppression is not the only thing that worries the smokers trying to abstain. Another is the frequent recurrence of smoking. A very common habit of smokers is the hand-to-mouth reflex action. So vaping is the best alternative option because it deals with this issue as well. Also, it provides greater control over the nicotine levels and flavors to suit the custom needs of varied consumers.

So if weight gain after quitting smoking is one of the greatest fears for you or you are looking for a healthy turn towards life, vaping is what you need to look towards to. Health is something that cannot and should not be compromised on, and here’s your chance to do it the easier, fun way!

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09 Aug 2019


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