Dealing With The Issues of a Leaking Vaping Device

Smoking has been a part of the daily lives of many people all over the world. It has been estimated that at least 1 billion people smoke all around the world. That’s roughly 20% of the world’s entire population.


Even though the risks have been constantly publicized, it does not stop them from using cigarettes and other similar products. This is most probably due to the addictive compounds found while burning tobacco, its main ingredient. Due to this, people have been looking for other alternatives to control this vice.


To completely stop this addiction, some devised a way to control themselves. According to this article, one of the most effective strategies that most would use is cold turkey. Suddenly stopping a habit can be challenging, but possible.


The adjustment period is said to be brutal though, as cleansing yourself out of the substances might take some time. Others cannot go through with it because there is so much pain and discomfort associated within the first few days or weeks. This is why some would prefer a slower method.


Finding an Alternative


Substituting cigarettes to something else is not a new idea. There have been other products that were said to be a great replacement for it. From chewing gum to other tobacco-like products, the possibilities were almost endless. However, there is a rather successful one. It is known as a vaporiser, or simply “vape”. Some also refer to this as e-cigarettes, but there is little distinction between the two.


As this is a cigarette substitute, vape has similar mechanisms. However, it is a much more complex being since it is mainly composed of metallic parts. You can divide the entire mechanism into two: the device which processes the smoke, and its tank. This is the part wherein the juice is kept. The “juice” refers to the multi-colored liquid that becomes the smoke once processed. This intricate system has been successful in imitating an actual cigar.


Many people prefer this now because of a few factors. One, it is far more convenient to use since you do not have to cycle through packs and sticks. You can just use it again and again and refilling is easier. Two, you can be more creative with how the smoke smells. There are many flavors that you can choose from like pancakes and strawberries. This makes them so much more appealing even to non-smokers.


However, there are some issues regarding their use. For one, some of the tanks can leak. This happens if there is something wrong with the packaging. It is going to be far more complicated once it happens while you are trying to refill. There are a lot of reasons why a vape leaks. To avoid this, there are a lot of things that you need to know first.


How to Avoid Leaks


  1. Check the Product


This might sound silly, but you need to make sure that there is no damage to the tank before even purchasing it. Investigate the entire item carefully and look for any kind of cracks or dents. Remember, the contents are liquid and they can seep through any kind of damage on the surface. It might seem like a little crack, but it can exacerbate once you are already putting it in the device.


  1. Attach Properly


We understand that anything can happen while you are trying to refill your vape. You can let go of the tank and it can shatter on your floor. There might also be instances wherein it can just break while you are using it. As every brand of vape can be different, you need to read the instructions on how to attach and insert the tank properly. This can save you a few dollars and make sure that you can enjoy every drop of juice that you have.


  1. Clean the Device Regularly


Another important thing that you need to know is how to clean your e-cigarette properly. There are a lot of ways that you can do this. You can take it all apart piece by piece, depending on the device. Use a gentle cleanser as you will be using this directly in your mouth again. Depending on what brand of device you have, it will also affect the way you clean. Make sure to focus more on the openings as well as the mouthpiece.


  1. Position the Tank Properly


For storage, you need to make sure that you are placing it properly. There are certain brands that can stand on its own, so make sure that it is upright all the time. Avoid letting it roll around your storage system as this can also cause damage. Avoid letting it stay on its side as well. This will affect the quality of the juice and it can promote cracks into forming faster.


  1. PG/VG Ratios


There are two main ingredients for most vaping liquids: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These are usually made from alcohol and thus, create vapors when heated. If you want something that will not leak easily, look for juices that are high in VG.


The safest ratio would be 70-30 percent of those two substances. This ensures a thicker juice and less prone to leaking. You should also be brand conscious and look for suppliers that have high repute. This would also ease your mind about all about it.


Vaping has been a great substitute for people who would want to get out of their cigarette habits. It might not be the perfect one, but it is a start of something that would be better for you. It might still have some nicotine, but it is in the lower levels.


Carbon monoxide is also reduced in most juices, and this is one of the leading causes of respiratory illnesses. Read more about these here:


On the other hand, it is still important to try and reduce your usage of the product. This is just your gateway to the total removal of this habit from your life.


Fortunately, it is not as dangerous as cigarette smoke in the long run. You still need to be careful though, and always get high-quality products to ensure safety and security.


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05 May 2020


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