GREEN JACKET By Vapecraft Inc

Bottle: 60 ML

Nicotine level: 6 MG

Flavor Profile: The ultimate trophy of its class. Sugary watermelon, ripe pears and sweet mango with an exciting apricot finish.


Green Jacket by VapeCraft Inc. (Their Black Label Line) is a free base E-Liquid that comes in a 60 ML bottle. The E-Liquid has a prominent mango flavor to it but also has an initial taste of sugary watermelon and ripe pears. The aftertaste to the E-Liquid is indeed and apricot taste and doesn't have any medicine like feel or flavor to it. It is very refreshing and smooth and VapeCraft did an impressive job pulling off having four flavors in one E-Liquid.


The marketing label leaves a lot to be desired as it doesn't give you any indication as to what the flavor profile is (you have to do your homework). Cloud production was great at the 70 VG / 30 PG ratio.


This is certainly a E-Liquid I would vape and recommend.

For a more detailed review, please check out the video below.


Review conducted by Storm Vape

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22 Mar 2019

By Storm Vape

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