Reewape RUOK RBA (A vape user‘s Confession )

   A few days today the weather turned cold, getting under the bed was lazy, not talking about the street. But fortunately, I had on hand a hot -hot toy - Reewape RUOK RBA . On the days of being lazy on the street, I decided to write a few lines about my husband.
First, there must be a label for the company because of the good quality of Reewape . Made up of many small details but all are CNC smooth, no ripple, no need.
Reewape RUOK RBA uses a two-legged deck in parallel, with a horizontal coil and a lower air hole. This design is especially suitable for those who are interested in playing MTL. Two legs keep the coil behind, with two cotton legs lying on both sides will act as an obstacle, making smoke will tend to go up rather than being stuck in the chamber, helping to taste sweet and concentrated. The deck area, as well as the coil foot hole, is quite small so RUOK RBA will be very picky, suggest use small wires like 28 30 or a little clever but still fit clapton 28/38.




RUOK RBA 's chamber is a huge plus !!! 2 wide open juice absorbent holes for both salt ni and 60/40 freebase juices. The slightly domed chamber roof, curved to chimney hugged good taste, warm smoke and just enough ni. Drawing on experience from previous RBAs - especially from Pasito, RUOK RBA does not use threads to hold the chamber and deck but uses amount. This will prevent you from having to get stuck in the thread, which makes it difficult for the RBA to remove. But this is also a minus point because when there is no thread, the only thing that prevents the juice from spilling into the deck causing a leak is a rubber band. , fortunately, the company also donated quite a lot of replacement. +1 for Reewape RUOK RBA .
For direct comparison, the RUOK RBA air hole is a bit more secretive than Nord's 0.6 coil, which is both a plus and a minus. The plus point is that it will help those who play MTL have a long and smooth long hit and a bit of regret behind the tongue. But it will be a minus point if you are a person who likes the feeling of playing DL.
RUOK RBA will be a very interesting name in the near future because it supports many types of pods, low price, good processing, easy to sweeten, suitable for those who like to play long-hit. But if you are a person who likes to feel the smoke quickly, heavily and stressed, then occ 0.6 mesh will be a more reasonable choice.

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03 Nov 2019

By Phoebe

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