How to Promote Your Vaping Products

It isn’t easy to get a successful vaping shop off the ground. In the following article, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can successfully promote your vaping products!


As vaping gains popularity and explodes around the globe as one of the safest and healthiest alternatives to traditional cigarettes, so to do the businesses trying to capitalize on this popularity. If you have started a vaping shop or vaping business, and you’re looking to compete in the expanding vaping market, then you need to keep reading this article.


One of the most important steps in promoting your vaping products is listing them on vaping website and vaping directories such as UsedVape. UsedVape is a complete vaping directory, and also lists used vaping equipment and used vaping accessories for sale. This is a great website to list your vaping products as well as e-liquids and e-juices. They also list popular upcoming vaping expos and exhibits, as well as hosting vaping blogs. Another exciting aspect of UsedVape is their forum where vapers can interact with each other and ask questions. They also have an exciting social media component where they share items across a wide variety of social media platforms. If you’re looking for vaping products or somewhere to list your vaping products, then stay tuned to UsedVape.


Another place to list your vaping products is on social media. Social media these days is an important component of any company, vaping products and vaping companies included. You want to try to create a complete social media portfolio. List your vaping products and relevant vaping news on places such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumbler. The more places you can get your message across and the more people you can engage with, the better. Remember, social media is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay ahead of the social media curve when it comes to promoting your vaping products. Social media is also a great place to run competitions to grow your engagement. You want to offer vapers unique content and also run giveaways in exchange for increasing your reach.


Giveaways and competitions are becoming an increasingly popular way to spread the word about your products. You can choose to run competitions where vapers need to share or like your page in exchange for an entry into the competition. The more people that enter the competition, the more your post is shared and promoted by the people entering. It’s important that you send out the items you listed in the giveaway promptly, and ensure they arrive at their destination.


Forums dedicated to vaping are a great way to promote your vaping products and engage with vapers at a grassroots level. It’s important that you carefully read all the rules at whatever forum you join before you just start spamming the forums with your vaping products. Build up a relationship with the members and speak to the moderators of the forum before you post anything that could be considered as promotional. This is to avoid your posts being deleted and possibly from having your account deleted or banned from the forum.


There is no sure-fire way to promote your vaping products, but these tips will give you a bit of a jump on the competition when it comes to promoting your vaping accessories, vaping products, and vaping e-liquids and e-juices.



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25 Feb 2018


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