Is It Worth Starting A Vaping Business with The Uncertainty of Upcoming Laws?

It doesn’t seem to matter how fast vaping expands around the world; governments are inherently against another product which they believe isn’t much different to traditional cigarettes. With this in mind, is it worth investing time and money in vaping?


Vaping for many people around the world is much more than just a way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Sure, for many vapers it was vaping which finally allowed them to quit smoking a packet a day of cigarettes and finally start feeling human again. For others, vaping is a hobby, a pastime, a fun way to spend time with their friends just hanging out. Whatever vaping is to you, a hobby, pastime, or a business, it’s important that you understand where the future for vaping lies.


Around the world, governments are facing the difficult decisions surround e-cigarettes and vaporizers one of two ways. They’re either erring on the side of caution and staying well clear of everything to do with vaping or looking at the potential benefits which vaping could have for the millions of smokers around the world. It’s important to understand which way your government is leaning before you decide to commit any amount of time or money into a vaping e-cigarette shop. Do you jump into vaping and throw 100% effort into it or stay well clear? Ultimately, the choice will be your but whatever your decision is, make sure that you commit to it.


While some governments are approaching e-cigarettes and vaporizers with a glass half full attitude, others are quite happy to stay at arm’s length. You can hardly blame them currently with the way the world is and our history towards traditional cigarettes. For decades leading health professionals, big tobacco companies and governments told us how great cigarettes were, how safe they were and if only we smoked then all our problems would be sold. It turns out they were completely full of it. Not only were they wrong, but they also lied to us for years and did everything within their power to keep us from finding out the truth.


You can’t blame governments for being just a little bit wary when it comes to another product which promises the world and has people claiming how great it is. While some government health agencies like Public Health England are in favor of e-cigarettes and believe that the small amount of harm makes up for the benefits to an already known to be dangerous products like cigarettes. Other organizations, like the World Health Organization, aren’t committing anything either way until long-term studies have been completed. Some governments like Singapore have banned vaping completely. Is it a coincidence that the countries with the most to lose from lost revenue have come out the strongest against vaping and e-cigarettes?


Whatever you choose to do, it’s important that you do your homework and decide whether you’re ready to commit to starting a vaping store or e-cigarette shop. Check what the current laws are, what the proposed laws are, what has happened in the past and which way your government or governing body is leaning.

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26 May 2018

By Ben Jackson

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