Is Shaking E-juice Necessary?

We’re often asked do I need to constantly keep shaking my e-juice, or can I safely leave it to sit for a few days or weeks? Let’s check it out!


There is often a lot of debate about how much you need to shake e-juice. Can you leave that bottle of e-juice sitting in a cupboard for a year without shaking it on a regular basis? Or will the ingredients separate and make the e-juice worthless? Let’s check out whether shaking your e-juice is necessary or just another one of those rumors which circulate the vaping world!


Without getting all scientific and completely geeking out on you, we’ll try to explain some of the chemical reactions which are occurring in your e-juice, and if shaking is a necessity or just wasting your time.


During the steeping process for many e-liquids, they are routinely shaken and mixed to help more oxygen get into the e-liquid which allows the chemical flavors of the e-juice to mellow out and balance. The mixing and shaking when you first make e-juice also helps the two main ingredients, propylene glycol (PG), mix with the vegetable glycerin (VG), and the flavor and nicotine.


The gravity of PG is approximately 1.036 and it’ hygroscopic, which means that it mixes with water, and VG is 1.1 to 1.26 SG and is also water soluble. If your e-juice only contained VG and PG, then eventually the two different chemicals would layer out in your e-juice. There are also several other chemicals in e-juice, nicotine, water, and flavors. All these different chemicals react with each other differently, some attracting to each other, while others will want to move away from each other.


The process of steeping your e-juice is all about giving your e-juice time to settle down and allow the chemicals and ingredients in your e-juice to find ‘their’ place in the bottle. Once you have steeped your e-juice, eventually you’re just shaking things for no reason. A lot of e-juice you purchase has already been pre-steeped, and if you purchase e-juices online, they experience an altogether different steeping process while they’re in transit to you. The e-juice is often transported by plane or road, where it is gently rocked or shaken for days or weeks at a time. Even if you purchase your e-juice from a store, there is a good chance that the e-juice steeped on the way to the store, unless they make their own ranges of e-juice.


By all means, give your e-juice a quick shake before you load your e-cigarette or vaporizer if it’s been sitting for a few months. What you shouldn’t have to do is shake your e-juice every time you fill your tank. If you think you need to shake your e-juice every time you fill a tank, then knock yourself out, but you’re not doing much except shaking your e-juice. It isn’t going to change your vaping experience or enhance the flavor profile of the e-juice to any noticeable degree.



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24 Jun 2018


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