JUUL Is Now the Number One Vaping Product in the US!

If you haven’t already heard of the new JUUL pod vaporizers, then you’re in the minority!


JUUL is the latest vaping technology sweeping across the United States! JUUL started off as another alternative for smoker’s who are looking to quit smoking and try an alternative product. Men’s Fitness even went as far as describing the JUUL as the ‘iPhone of e-cigs.’ With rave reviews and articles like this, it’s easy to see why the JUUL is sweeping smokers off their feet across the U.S.


So, what is JUUL? JUUL is a pod type vaporizer that utilizes pods or cartridges instead of tanks and e-liquid. JUUL makes vaping easy for people looking to make the switch from traditional cigarettes. The JUUL utilizes pods or cartridges which are filled with nicotine salts, JUUL Salts, rather than free-base nicotine like many other vaporizers on the market. The manufacturers of the JUUL believe this is what sets their vaporizer apart from other products currently on the market.


The designers of the JUUL set out to create a product that delivered high-quality results and was simple and easy to use. It features an eye-pleasing design that is small and compact enough to easily slip into your pocket or bag. That makes it perfect for vapers that love to stealth vape or vape on the go.


The JUUL utilizes an algorithmic puff consistency that makes vaping with the JUUL super easy, even for beginners. It has temperature control regulations and settings which mean less worrying about controls and more vaping. This means that the JUUL chooses the temperature setting and delivers you the exact amount of power you need to experience a perfect vape.


Vaping is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for long-term smokers to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and quit. There have been several different studies to date about the effects of vaping and e-cigarettes. If you have quit smoking using e-cigarettes or vaporizers or would like to know more about the JUUL Pod vaporizer, then don’t hesitate to comment below! We love to hear your feedback and read your comments.

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31 Jan 2018

By Ben Jackson

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