Me and My Pax - A Personal Tale of Awesomeness!

There was a time where the only things I smoked were pipes or joints. Then I bought a bong. It was great. However, it wasn’t until I got the first Pax that I knew that I was in love. I first bought the Pax 1 back when it came out.

The device was slick, cool to look at and almost the Apple of vaporizers. The fact that it vaporized dry herb was one of the biggest selling points for me. Then they released the Pax 2 and 3 that now also take concentrates. I’m sold!

You’ll save money with a Pax

The first major benefit I noticed with my Pax was that my weed consumption lowered significantly. This is because vaporizing weed consumes cannabis slower. With a pipe, you can get max 5-6 hits from a single bowl. With my Pax, I can easily get between 15-20 hits per bowl.

This means that I get to smoke more for less.

Added Benefits

Additionally, you get AVB from your Pax. What’s AVB? Already-vaped-bud! While this isn’t high in THC anymore, it still has plenty of other cannabinoids in the mix. I used my AVB and made cannabis-infused milk with it.

It didn’t get me high, but it sure chilled me out.


The Pax is pocket sized. It’s something that you can keep on your person and vape anywhere. Sure, it will still have that faint cannabis undertone in the vapor, however, the smell doesn’t travel or stick to your clothes.

Ease of Use

To use the device is incredibly simple. Simply pack the bowl and turn it on. Once the light goes green you can inhale. The Pax also self-regulates, meaning that if it gets too hot it won’t turn on until it’s cooled down.

Battery Life

I would expect the device to fail after a few sessions, but my Pax lasted a full day of hardcore toking with no problem whatsoever. It’s great and practical to take with you.

Also, with the ability to vaporize extracts, it became even more powerful.

The Best Vape Hands Down

I have had many different vaporizers. I’ve owned the DiVinci, Lightsaber, Volcano, Dipper…you name it. The vape I always come back to is my Pax. There’s something about the way it handles that is just comfortable.

It also charges rather quickly compared to the other ones. Of course, a Volcano and Lightsaber are wall plug units, but the Pax actually competes with these devices.

All in all, I have to say that while the Pax might be expensive, it will definitely provide you with value for every dollar you spent. In fact, you’ll save so much money on weed that the Pax will pay for itself in a month or two of use.

Furthermore, being able to use the AVB is just a major plus in my books. If you’re looking for a powerful vaporizer, try to get your hands on the Pax today. 

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01 Sep 2018


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