MISTER V By Bad Modder Fogger –bmflabs.com

Bottle: 60 ML

Nicotine level: 6 MG

Flavor Profile: Electrifying & Mouth Watering Like Blue Raspberry Poprock Cnady


Mister V by Bad Modder Fogger is a Blue Raspberry Poprock Candy flavored free base E-Liquid that comes in a 60 ML bottle. The juice is cool and refrhesing and isn't overly sweet so I believe it will be easy on your coils. The price for the juice on Bad Modder Fogger’s website for the juice is $20.00.


The E-Liquid produces decent cloud production and the marketing label is as on point as possible. The flavor profile is good and well described on the bottle itself. The E-Liquid is a smooth and cool juice that I feel like I would vape during the summer time . The value is great for the amount of juice you get.




For a more detailed review, please check out the video below.




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27 Mar 2019

By Storm Vape

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