Most Popular Eliquids for 2018


There are hundreds of websites that sell Ejuice. However, not many has all the flavor you want or the best price guaranteed.

That's why we made a list for the best premium ejuices and the best place to buy them from.

1. Best Fruity Flavor: Naked 100 (Lava flow 60ml for $9)

Lava Flow by naked 100 is a top seller at any vape shop. There is a reason for that, this bottle contain a tasty fruity flavor of fresh strawberries, coconuts and pinapple. You will escape to a tropical island after vaping this juice.

2. Best Custard eJuice: Killar Kustard ($15 for 100ml)

This is a top seller by Vapetasia premium Ejuice company. This ejuice has won many vape award for its delicious flavor.

3. Best Candy Flavor: Sour Worms by Candy King (100ml for $12)

If you love sour worms then you will love this ejuice by Candy King. Sour Worms has many flavors of sweet candy and fruits.

New Premium eLiquid Addition for this Month :

  • Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding

If you are tired of vaping on same old ejuice, this flavor will remind you of your grandmas best Thanksgiving dish and have you craving more all day long without risking all those unnecessary carbs and fats.

  • Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist

This ejuice bottle contains the most refreshing summer ejuice. Vape this eliquid to bring back the hot summer days.



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12 Sep 2018


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