National Academy of Sciences Reports That Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking!

There has been a new report released by the National Academy of Sciences which states that there are currently no known negative long-term health effects associated with vaping!


For many vapers, vaping can be a frustrating pastime. You finally give up cigarettes and make the switch to something that makes you feel better and costs less, only to have people constantly tell you that it’s worse than smoking, that it’s bad for you. Despite all the health organizations that come out and tell you it’s safer than cigarettes, governments around the world still fail to act on it.


Let’s look at some of the highlights of the new report by the National Academy of Sciences and Medicine. The report is pages and pages long, so we’ll cover the main points briefly and save you some time. They haven’t reported on long-term effects of vaping as there just hasn’t been enough time to evaluate them accurately.

  • They found that the use of e-cigarettes or vaporizers was safer than the continued use of traditional cigarettes. They couldn’t comment on long-term effects of vaping simply hasn’t been around long enough to make that determination.


  • They found that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes was safer than the smoke produced by cigarettes and second-hand vapor was safer than second-hand cigarette smoke.


  • Their study of e-cigarettes found that vaporizers or e-cigarettes were less addictive than traditional cigarettes.


  • Switching from smoking to vaping could improve respiratory conditions and functions in people who suffer from asthma or COPD.


  • Finally, that switching from smoking to vaping could improve your overall health and well-being.


The National Academy of Sciences new report into vaping and e-cigarette use could go some way towards vindicating these beliefs, but only time will tell. For every positive news story about vaping, there is an equally negative news story to go along with it. There is a lot of opposition to e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Rightly or wrongly, governments around the world are still dealing with the fallout of traditional cigarettes. You can’t always blame them for being a little bit shy about a product which promises the world. We’re sure that if you look back, there were probably hundreds of studies and reports about how good traditional cigarettes were for you. Remember those ads where a nice old doctor was on television telling everyone about how cigarettes relax you after a hard day’s work? Right.


They also found in their report that vaporizers or e-cigarettes could produce potentially harmful chemicals when used incorrectly or when operated under extreme settings. This goes back to the reports that vaporizers produced formaldehyde. The study has been largely debunked. The test units were operated under extreme wattage that no vaper could ever possibly vape at. You would burn your coils in seconds, and the taste would be terrible.


You also need to consider why some companies would prefer that vaping or e-cigarettes died a quick death. Smoking and tobacco are multibillion-dollar industries. Big tobacco was slow to embrace e-cigarettes, but they’re jumping on board at a growing pace now. So, what else goes along hand in hand with smoking? Yep, quitting smoking. All those nicotine sprays, nicotine patches, nicotine gums, pharmaceutical pills, and therapies are also a big business. They’re not interested in whether you quit or not. They would prefer that you didn’t quit smoking and just kept on trying and trying. As terrible as that sounds, businesses are out to make money for themselves and their shareholders.


The report also concluded that there wasn’t any evidence which suggested that e-cigarettes or vaporizer increased your risks of lung disease, heart disease, or cancer. Many governments and anti-tobacco groups have been vocally protesting the introduction of e-cigarettes and introducing legislation to control the use of vaporizers and vaping products. It’s important that as vapers we do our own research and form our own opinions. If someone asks you about vaping politely, be polite and explain it to them. The more vapers that quit smoking and start vaping, the better off all vapers will be.

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28 Jan 2018


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