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New Study Claims Vaping Linked to High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, and Depression!


Here we go again, another ‘study’ claiming a lot based on not much. Keep reading while we give you a breakdown and check out what’s really going on with vaping!... Read full article

India Bans E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers!


In a drastic, and many consider uninformed decision, India has chosen to completely ban the use of all e-cigarettes and vaporizers!... Read full article

Oregon Introduces Its New E-Liquid Packaging Laws


If you enjoy collecting cool looking e-liquid and live in Oregon, then you’re in for a tough time!... Read full article

New Survey Uncovers That 1 In 20 Adults In The US Are Vaping!


There is an estimated 10.8 million Americans vaping now and over half of them are under thirty-five years old!... Read full article

Why Is Apple Against Vaping?


With the number of apps available on the Apple Store, it seems absurd that Apple has taken such an anti-vaping stance!... Read full article

Canada Could Finally Be Seeing The Light About Vaping!


With states across America looking to enforce stricter vaping and e-cigarette regulation, just across the border in Canada, they could be taking a more educational and proactive response to vape!... Read full article

Proposed Vaping Bill Back on the Table in Iceland


A bill to limit vaping in Iceland is back on the table after earlier being passed over... Read full article

New Canadian Vaping Act


The federal government in Canada has enacted several changes to the tobacco laws across the country, but what do these changes mean for vapers across Canada? ... Read full article

The War on Vaping in Singapore and Asia


As of February 1st, 2018, vaping and other e-cigarettes will be outlawed across the country. Who’s to blame and what are they trying to achieve?... Read full article

Vaping Company VooPoo Has Left a Bad Smell in the Air!


After a squonk deal with Vandy Vape and Tony B fell through, Vaping company VooPoo has left many vapers seething and left many vapers calling for a boycott of VooPoo... Read full article


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