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UK Report Shows No Harm from Passive Vaping!


For a long time, anti-vapers have been using passive vapor as another mark against vapers and the benefits of vaping, but not anymore!... Read full article

Driving While Vaping? You Could Be Prosecuted!


Large clouds of vapor which obscure driver’s views of the road, could lead to some serious penalties in the United Kingdom!... Read full article

The Philippine Department of Health Is Being Urged to Support Vaping!


Across Asia and the Pacific, many countries have implemented strict anti-vaping laws that could be causing millions of smokers to suffer severe health risks!... Read full article

Senator Cory Bernardi Promotes Vaping in Australia


Vaping laws in Australia vary from state to state and vapers and visitors alike could be forgiven for becoming confused, but Senator Cory Bernardi is looking to change that!... Read full article

Vape Shops Sue the FDA!


Several vaping shops are joining forces to challenge the recent FDA laws which came into effect in 2017! ... Read full article

JUUL Is Now the Number One Vaping Product in the US!


If you haven’t already heard of the new JUUL pod vaporizers, then you’re in the minority!... Read full article

National Academy of Sciences Reports That Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking!


There has been a new report released by the National Academy of Sciences which states that there are currently no known negative long-term health effects associated with vaping!... Read full article

Vaping May Not Be the Gateway to Smoking Like Experts Suggest


Despite vaping continuing to rise in popularity around the world, a recent study suggests that teen vaping is bucking the popular trend as teen vaping continues to fall.... Read full article

Autofluorescence Could Be Used to Track Exposure to Vapor


As vaping changes, and the popularity of vaping increases around the world, scientists are looking for new ways to monitor the effects of vaping and 2nd hand vapor. Autofluorescence could be one of those new ways!... Read full article

Depersonalization and Vaping


Could vaping be leading to higher rates of depersonalization and derealization? ... Read full article


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