Nicotine salts are they right for you?

The vaping industry has been evolving continuously. Now and then a new device serves the market, battery life gets better, and coil styles modify. But now we are also seeing some variations in the e-juice ingredients. Frankly stating nicotine salts are the fresh new buzz these days. With their ability to serve a smoother experience, it’s hardly surprising that their popularity is growing rapidly.

But first, let's just know what exactly nicotine salts are?

Nicotine in its purest form is extracted from tobacco leaves. When this nicotine is bonded with certain acids it creates a stable molecule. That molecule is called nicotine salt. There are various forms of nicotine salts, based on the acid to which they are bonded in the process (citric, lactic, malic, and so on), for more details check

Now let’s talk about if these salts are a safer option for you or not? I will provide you with both the pros and cons to make it easier for you to weigh out for yourself if nicotine salts make a safer choice for you or not!


Smoother Experience— As compared to nicotine (freebase), nicotine salts give a much smoother throat hit experience.

Better Flavor—Nicotine roughly affects e-juice which is not good mostly, while nicotine salts don't affect the e-juice flavors because of their low concentration. So, you get a very subtle flavor and smell.

Settled Form of Nicotine—Nicotine salts last for an extended time than freebase nicotine. It also means that you don’t get to see your liquid changing color as fast.

Beginner-friendly—Nicotine salts are very simple to use for the beginners of the vaping world. They’re compact, sleek, and easy to use which makes them perfect to even take them for an exciting night out or on vacations.

Low Profile—Nicotine salts are ideal if you don’t want big smoky clouds, because they don’t require clunky-looking big devices or produce big clouds of vapor. Also, you won’t be smelling like an ash-tray.


I would also like you to stress over some points here:

Nicotine salts are possibly more addictive –because of the higher concentration of nicotine, these salts offer more addictive properties as compared to a regular vape e-juice. They can trigger faster neurochemical reactions because of the higher concentration of nicotine in blood in a shorter time.

Benzoic acid effects are still under consideration– although not toxic to humans, benzoic acid might still pose a concerning element to consider. Some studies say that it can stimulate coughing, and others suggest that it can be the reason of pseudo-allergic reactions

Perceived dangers of nicotine salts – due to the possible harmfulness of nicotine addictiveness, FDA has recently announced to reduce nicotine content in electronic cigarettes. It can get a bit too much for people who are light smokers.

Also, you get stuck with only one vape pen with nicotine salts and don’t get to play with customizing or expanding your vaping experience.

There it is! If you think the benefits have outweighed the limitations then experience it with a try. The overall safety of vaping has always been a concern for federal organizations, doctors, vaping advocates, and other entities. However, if you compare nicotine salts are believed to be a safer choice as compared to regular e-liquids.

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13 Feb 2020


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