Nicotine Salts or Freebase Vape Juice- Which is Smoother?

Ever heard of a throat hit in vaping? There’s literally tons of different factors that influence throat hits in vaping, and how harsh (or how smooth) your vapor will be. From the temperature of your box-mod, to the cleanliness of your coil- throat hit can definitely be impacted from some moderate tweaking. That being said, many people lately have been switching to Nicotine Salts (otherwise known as Salt Nic) E Juices. What you might not know about Nicotine Salts, is that the throat hit game changes just a little bit. Here’s why:

Nicotine Salts Hit Smoother

With traditional free-base e-liquids, you’ll notice that there’s a-lot of customization available. Inclusive to this is the ratio of VG to PG. Traditionally, heavier throat hits can be achieved by modifying your ratios. However with Salt Nic (or Nicotine Salts) vape juice, the juice is made in such a way that the alkalinity is lower, and thus vapes smaller clouds, smoother.


Why would you want a smaller vape cloud though? Doesn’t that mean that nicotine salts wouldn’t be as strong?

Nicotine Salts Hit Stronger

Nope! Unlike regular e-liquid flavors, salt-nic/nicotine salt vape juices tend to contain much higher concentrations of nicotine. As a result, they feel much more similar to a traditional cigarette. 

Typically, fruiter flavors like mango salt-nic vape juice in particular because of the acidity will also contribute to a throat hit. On the other hand any juice that’s more cream-based will deliver less of a throat hit depending on the amount of nicotine in it.

If you’re ingesting more tobacco however, that doesn’t mean your cloud will be larger.

Nicotine Salts are Stealthier

Your throat hit might be a little more intense with nicotine salts, however out in public they create much smaller vape clouds thanks to the way that salt-nic vape juice is based. You’ll be pleased to know that people won’t be looking at you and pointing when you take a huge rip of salt-nic. You’ll also be pleased to know that your throat won’t have to inhale as often to get the same amount of buzz. All in all, you can expect a more intense, smaller, and smoother hit. So all in all, are nicotine salt juices smoother, better, and improved in every way over the old way?

The Verdict: Are Nicotine Salt Juices Smoother than Regular Juices?

To sum it up and to properly educate people on the two different types of e-liquids, let’s review.

  • Salt-Nic Juices do tend to be smoother than regular e-juices, but hit stronger.
  • Nicotine Salts and Salt-Nic Juices are the same thing.
  • Traditional E-Liquids (freebased) tend to have more variety, but less strength and smoothness.
  • Nicotine Salts are stronger and more concentrated, thus you will spend less time vaping and more time feeling the buzz you’re hoping for. This also saves your throat!

If you’re still not sure, read up on the chemistry behind nicotine salt, and see if you’re interested. You might prefer a regular experience, and if that’s the case don’t even sweat it! In fact, many people use nicotine free vape juice to quit nicotine and smoking all together. However if you want a vaping experience that is stronger, smoother, and stealthier- nicotine salts might definitely be for you!

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02 Oct 2018


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