Reviews of YiHi SXMini G category SX550

Reviews of YiHi SXMini G category SX550

If you would like FULL management over your vaping expertise, with very correct and consistent temperature management, however need to be able to customize everything ON the device itself.

YiHi mods are the one devices.


And the SXMini G category could be a YiHi mod that excels not solely in temperature management mode however virtually on EVERYTHING that you just will rate box mod on:


  • It’s a 2-battery mod with associate INSANE build-quality, in fact: this mod has the simplest build quality on the list. Holding this device in your hand can desire carrying associate improbably subtle piece of machinery from the long run.
  • You get wonderful safety options for the safest vaping expertise potential (keep battery dangers treed and toxins out of your vapor).


You might be wondering:


A top-tier DNA mod just like the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA166 and a top-tier YiHi mod like the SXMini G category, sound pretty similar…


What precisely is that the distinction between these?


To be honest, they're pretty similar. however, there are three main difference between these box mods.


  1. While with the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250C you would like a Windows or mac device to try to deep customizations in Escribe, with the SXMini G category, you'll be able to customize nearly everything ON the device itself or with the easy Bluetooth app from your phone.
  2. Then there are some variations between the operation of the device and therefore the user experience. With the foremost vital distinction being: You fully manage the SXMini G category with a joystick. Now, the reality is: It will take a bit time to work out. however, once you are doing, likelihood is, you may notice it even additional convenient than button-control.
  3. This mod is additionally a true powerhouse. It’s the foremost industrial 2-battery mod within the list. This beauty will support monster tanks: up to 30mm with none hangover! The 510 affiliation is big.


The bottom line is that if you want:


  • To operate vast tanks that won’t never be empty!
  • Fully manage your vapor production with very correct and consistent temperature control
  • Various customization choices for your vaping experience…

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22 Jul 2019


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