Senator Cory Bernardi Promotes Vaping in Australia

Vaping laws across Australia vary considerably from state to state. While the sale of e-cigarettes is allowed in most states, the sale of e-liquid or e-juice which contains any nicotine is not. This is despite the fact that traditional cigarettes which are 100% known to cause cancer are still for sale across a wide range of shops, petrol stations, and convenience stores around the country. Why is a product known to be dangerous and responsible for causing cancer readily available, while safer and healthier alternatives such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers are not?


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Senator Cory Bernardi is one politician looking to change vaping and e-cigarettes across Australia. Senator Cory Bernardi has converted a large RV into a mobile command center and called it ‘Vape Force One.’ He’s looking to change the current legislation surrounding vaporizers and e-cigarettes and help to push Australia to the forefront of vaping regulation. He has been urging the government to finally come to its senses and allow the legalization of e-cigarettes across all states in Australia.


Senator Bernardi took a lap around parliament house in Australia, the home of Australia’s seat of government. He is claiming that Australia’s ban on the sale of e-liquid or e-juice which contains nicotine fly directly against all scientific evidence and reason. “The government's position is illogical,” Senator Bernardi said on Wednesday. “Vaping is a much safer way for people to satisfy their nicotine addiction and cravings.”


Many members of the Australian government, including scientists, are wary of any product which could be construed as promoting smoking. No matter how many people claim that using vaporizers and e-cigarettes was the only way that they were able to successfully quit smoking for good. It’s hard to blame any governments for being wary of vaping and e-cigarettes when they have previously stood for cigarettes and are still paying the price for their ignorance and lack of foresight.


Another problem that the government of Australia and many other governments face around the world is once they open the floodgates to e-cigarettes and vaporizers, how do they assure the quality and control of vaping products? The vaping world is already awash with inferior vaping products and vaping accessories which are complete copies of genuine products. “The overwhelming medical advice and evidence is that it's likely to lead to the uptake of smoking and we cannot support that,” a spokesman for Health Minister Greg Hunt told AAP.


That view from the Greg Hunt the spokesman for the Health Minister was consistent with the concerns of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia's Chief Medical Officer and the National Health and Medical Research Council. “We will continue to follow the advice of the medical authorities,” the spokesman said. Whatever they choose to do, the only way forward for vapers is continued lobbying and advocacy of vaping to the government and across the community. Join a vaping advocacy group today like AVATAR, to help support vaping and ensure you don’t lose your rights to vape!

Reference Article AAP and SBS News Australia.

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14 Feb 2018

By Ben Jackson

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