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Learning How To Vape


Learning how to vape is very important to all vapors, especially for beginners, it's like an intimidating process. There are many types of vaping and vape information you need to know before you start vaping,... Read full article

New Study Claims Vaping Linked to High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, and Depression!


Here we go again, another ‘study’ claiming a lot based on not much. Keep reading while we give you a breakdown and check out what’s really going on with vaping!... Read full article

Studies Show the Danger in Banning E-Liquid Flavors


As vaping rapidly gains popularity around the world, some governments are looking to try and control the spread of e-cigarettes through banning e-juice and e-liquid flavors.... Read full article

Mr. Test it. Vape Products Reviewer

by Jose on

Giving my Honest opinion's, I review All Vape materials.... Read full article


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