The different types of online bongs

As you may, or may not be aware, there are many different types of smoking devices. These online bongs can be found if you go online and look for them.

Smoking devices can be made in a range of materials and shapes. Keep reading to find out the different materials and shapes in which online bongs can be made.

Different types of material

One of the main ways in which online bongs in Australia differ is the material. There are a range of different materials that smoking devices can be made from. The material in which a smoking device is made out of will have an impact on the pipe itself and therefore your experience.


The first, and probably the most popular thing smoking devices are made out of is glass.

One of the reasons why this is so popular is because it does not interfere with the taste of the smoke, thus giving you the clearest and purest taste.

Smoking devices made from glass are also incredibly easy to clean, due to their smooth clear surface. This allows the user to see any gunk build up and clean it straight away.

Although these online bongs are popular, glass smoking devices are also one of the most expensive options.


Aside from glass, plastic is probably the second most widely used substance to make smoking devices from.

These online bongs are known for being incredibly durable and are popular because they will not break if you drop them.

However, the plastic can sometimes influence the taste of the smoke and it is for this reason that glass is the more popular option out of the two.


Another material that online bongs can be made out of is ceramic. This is much heavier and more fragile than either plastic or glass. It is for this reason that these smoking devices are not overly practical.

However, as ceramic is easy to work with, it is possible to get a ceramic online bong in a variety of different shapes and colours.

It is also important to mention that ceramic smoking devices are more expensive and have more artistry to them. Oftentimes, these pipes are used for decorative purposes.

Different shapes

As well as a range of material options, it is also possible to get online bongs in a variety of shapes. Some of the main smoking device shapes are as follows:

Straight tube:

The simplest design is the straight tube. As the name suggests this is just a straight tube with a mouthpiece at one end and the bowl at the other.

Round base:

Another common shape of smoking device is known as a round base device. Essentially the pipe connects to a rounded base bowl at the bottom.

Due to the larger surface area at the bottom, these are more sturdy and stable then straight tubed devices.

These can be made in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. It is for this reason that they are so popular.


These smoking devices are sometimes referred to as recycler devices; the basic shape is based off of the straight tube, although they can be made in virtually any shape and size.

Multi-chambered essentially means that the tube separates into two or more chambers that contain water. The result of this is that the smoke is filtered more than once. Basically, this means that the experience is smoother and cooler.

However, these devices are slightly more challenging to make, and therefore they are known for being one of the more expensive items on the market.

It is also important to take into consideration how hard it is to clean multi-chamber smoking devices

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04 Mar 2019


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