The Top 5 Reasons People Vape

People vape for different reasons, but here are the Top 5 reasons people vape!


Around the world vaping is growing in popularity and in the United States alone there are over 9 million vapers! Since vaping began in 2003-2004, it has exploded in popularity around the world as a more affordable option to traditional nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, therapy, and nicotine gum. Many people are choosing to utilize e-cigarettes and vaporizers as a healthier and more affordable option than smoking traditional cigarettes. Below are top 5 reasons people vape!


  • To Quit Smoking – This is definitely the number one reason why people are vaping around the world. Many people use vaping and e-cigarettes to quit smoking, then quickly quit vaping also. Many ex-smokers that have used vaping to quit smoking are positive advocates for vaping and are happy to help others through offering advice and support. They understand that there are studies from sources such as Public Health England that have shown that vaping is up to 95% better for you than smoking. “Even if there are long-term vapers, this is not a problem, as long as they quit smoking. The problem is combusted tobacco, not nicotine. At the dosage used by vapers or users of nicotine gums or patches, nicotine is not toxic. Long-term vaping is not a public health problem; not any more than long-term use of nicotine gums.” Dr. Jean-François Etter.


  • Vaping Enthusiasts – You know these vapers by the number of mods, tanks, and coils they have floating around their home. They know how to get the most out of any tank or mod, and how to rebuild and reassemble their devices quickly and efficiently. They have mods for producing those big fluffy clouds of vapor, portable e-cigarettes for work, and large, powerful vaporizer units for throwing out some awesome vape tricks.


  • Vaping E-Liquid Collectors – These vaping collectors have all the e-liquids and know exactly where their favorite tastes are located. They know to create their own e-liquids and e-juices, when they want a stronger PG throat hit, or when it’s time to pump out those big fluffy VG clouds. If you ever want to create your own e-liquids and e-juices, then a vaping e-liquid collector is who you need to speak to! They love to experiment with exciting and crazy new flavor combinations.


  • The Social Vaper – These guys and girls aren’t heavy vapers, but they still enjoy vaping with friends or when out on the town. Most social vapers have either quit smoking cigarettes or are still in the transition phase between cigarettes and e-cigarettes.


  • Because They Love It – For many vapers, they have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking and long since moved on. That doesn’t mean they want to stop vaping. They are usually regular vapers, but their e-liquid and e-juice long ago stopped containing any nicotine. When you make the switch from high-level nicotine e-liquid, to zero nicotine e-liquids, you’ll be able to choose some truly exciting flavors. Nicotine free e-liquid allows vapers to dabble in more subtle flavors.

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13 Mar 2018

By Ben Jackson

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