Top 5 Tips for Buying Your First Vape Device

Vaping has become ever increasing in popularity, especially for those who what to quit smoking cigarettes. An E-cigarette is much safer since not only do you control your nicotine intake, but it does not burn anything therefore producing NO smoke. This means that you can enjoy it in more places, but bans on vaping in public areas is on the increase.

High demand for e-cigarette has led to the invention of a variety of vaping devices. So if you’re a beginner, I understand if you feel a bit overwhelming when it comes to purchasing a vape device.

Well, to make your shopping easier, here are a few vape shopping tips to use.

1. Shopping Online

Many people buy their first e-cigarette at a local vape shop, but if you want to save some money, it's best to shop online vape stores. There are even websites, like, that help vapors find the best vape deals online. Even if you're not purchasing online, you can use sites like this to make sure you don't get ripped off at your local shop.

2. Re-chargeable Or Disposable

There are two types of batteries used with vaping devices. There is the rechargeable battery and the disposable battery. Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again since all you have to do is plug them into recharge when they run out of power. On the other hand, a disposable battery cannot be reused and once the power runs out, it's done.

Other differences between disposable and rechargeable batteries are;

The disposable battery does not need recharging before use, unlike the rechargeable ones.

Overall, disposable batteries will become more expensive than the rechargeable ones since you have to buy a new battery every time you run out of power.

Rechargeable batteries offer a better experience since they are usually larger and can be recharge when they start to get low. The vaping experience with Disposable battery will slowly diminish over time as the battery level decreases.

3. The battery capacity.

This is measured by the amount of time the battery will run before buying a new one or recharging it. The battery capacity is measured in mAh. The smallest vape batteries (like the JUUL vape)  are around 200mAh and can only run for a few hours. The largest battery can be over 2000mAh, and can run for two days, sometimes even longer.

4. Tank, Pod, or RDA?

The part of an e-cigarette that holds juice and houses the atomizer can have many different names.

  1. Pods

The latest trend is pods which can be either disposable (aks. Closed system) or refillable (aks. open system). This may be the best place to start for a beginner.

  1. Tanks

Tanks are another great option for beginners, most have replaceable coils but there are tanks with only re-buildable coils. Some tanks can even offer both options, replaceable and re-buildable.

Re-buildable tanks, known as RTA’s, require the user to build the coils themselves. A beginner probably wouldn’t want to start with re-buildable coils, replaceable coils are much easier.

  1.  RDA’s or Drippers

Re-buildable dripping atomizers (RTA’s), also known as dripper’s, are another option for advanced users. With these atomizers you have to build the coil yourself as well as constantly add (or drip) more juice which is why they’re called dripper’s.

5. Device Size

For the most part, the size of your e-cigarette determines how much vapor is produced. A small vaping device that resembles the standard cigarette in size won't offer a lot of vapor. This design is suitable for those who use nicotine salts ejuice due to the stronger nicotine content; this is a great place to start for a beginner. On the other hand, large devices are suitable for people who want to blow huge clouds of vapor.


If you are planning to ditch tobacco cigarettes for vaping, use the above tips to help you pick an e-cigarette that will match your needs. As long as you educate yourself about vaping first, it should be pretty easy to buy an e-cigarette that you'll love.

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15 Oct 2019


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