UK Report Shows No Harm from Passive Vaping!

For a long time, anti-vapers have been using passive vapor as another mark against vapers and the benefits of vaping, but not anymore!


Vaping is surrounded by myths, insinuations, lies, propaganda, and misinformation. It doesn’t matter which way you turn when it comes to vaping there is always another story about how dangerous it is, how bad for you, or how vaporizers are just exploding around the world for no reason. Passive vaping is another one of those myths or misinformation stories that are floating around the internet. The biggest problem facing vaping is that for every health organization or government that stands up and says vaping isn’t bad for you, there is another that says it is.


There are several vaping sites that actively encourage the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers for those looking to make the switch. UsedVape has an active community section which encourages members to post articles and offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about vaping by asking other users on their Vaping Forum. They also have an extensive Vaping Blog and Vaping Article section that is full of useful information.


We all know that smoking is bad for you. Hell, it isn’t just bad for you, it kills you. The CDC states that smoking is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. The NHS in the UK claims that second-hand smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals which could cause cancer. Exposure to these chemicals that can linger for hours could increase your chances of being exposed to lung cancer or heart disease. Studies by Public Health England have found that second-hand vapor contains less than 1% of the chemicals found in second-hand cigarette smoke.


The report by Public Health England has some good news for vapers and smokers looking to make the switch to vaping. Below we’ll outline some of the key findings of the report.

  • Vaping only poses a fraction of the risks compared to smoking and switching from smoking to vaping could have substantial health benefits.
  • E-cigarettes and vaporizers could be fueling over 20,000 successful cases of smokers quitting every year in the United Kingdom alone.
  • Vaping and e-cigarettes have substantially improved the quit smoking success rates across the United Kingdom.
  • Thousands of smokers incorrectly believe that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes and over 40% of smokers have never tried vaping.
  • There is a large percentage of adults that incorrectly believe that nicotine is the biggest health threat in cigarettes.
  • That there isn’t any evidence that e-cigarette and vaporizer use is a gateway into smoking among young people. Youth vaping rates in the United Kingdom continue to decline, and any regular use of vaporizers is almost exclusively limited to those that smoke traditional cigarettes.


Professor Ann McNeill, lead author, and Professor of Tobacco Addiction at King’s College London said: “It’s of great concern that smokers still have such a poor understanding about what causes the harm from smoking. When people smoke tobacco cigarettes, they inhale a lethal mix of 7,000 smoke constituents, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. People smoke for the nicotine, but contrary to what the vast majority believe, nicotine causes little if any of the harm. The toxic smoke is the culprit and is the overwhelming cause of all the tobacco-related disease and death. There are now a greater variety of alternative ways of getting nicotine than ever before, including nicotine gum, nasal spray, lozenges, and e-cigarettes.”

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21 Mar 2018

By Ben Jackson

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