Using CBD Oil for Treating Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States where it affects roughly 40 million Americans. Furthermore, most patients are aged 18 years or more. With more people being diagnosed with anxiety and other forms of mental illnesses, it’s little wonder that interest in the best or most effective treatment has been growing. In this regard, CBD Oil is often cited as one of its most potent treatment. Below are detailed benefit of using CBD Oil for treating anxiety.

Effect on the Brain

When talking about Cannabidiol and anxiety, one has to look at the effect it has on the brain. After all, the brain suffers the most when anxiety hits. Before doing that, however, it would also be great to understand anxiety. In simple terms, anxiety is a mental condition that affects one’s emotions and behavior. Mostly, patients diagnosed with this condition often become too restless and full of worrying. Consequently, the patients also experience untold difficulties trying to do any of the following:

  1. Making decisions
  2. Speaking in public
  3. Tolerating criticisms
  4. Interacting with others

The effect of CBD Oil on the brain is two-fold. First, it has a positive impact on the endocannabinoid system. Without this system, the brain would not function optimally. More critically, it also boosts the function of immune tissues and endocrine. As if that’s not enough, it also regulates the ability to respond to stress or anxiety. Secondly, CBD also influences receptors such as serotonin, which are crucial in regulating anxiety. Based on these, it’s easier to see why healthcare specialist might recommend Cannabinoid as a treatment for anxiety.

CBD Oil and Traditional Treatments

Several treatments exist for people diagnosed with anxiety. Therapy remains one of the most common treatments. Here, the patient spends time with a licensed psychotherapist or counselor. Other than that, patients are also eligible for different types of medications. Often, one’s doctor would recommend or prescribe the best and most appropriate medication. In this regard, patients are most likely to take anxiolytics following the recommendation of their healthcare specialists. However, anxiolytics come with numerous side effects.

Because of the side effects, it’s not shocking to see many practitioners advising their patients to take Cannabidiol or CBD Oil. As research continues proving, this Cannabis component is capable of resolving all or most of the issues that cause anxiety. For example, it provides pain relief. More importantly, it calms the brain thus eliminating the worrying and stress that create the perfect conditions for anxiety to blossom. What is more, it also lowers blood pressure, which is a result of being overly anxious.

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01 Aug 2019


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