Vaping Is Slowly Replacing Smoking on Our TV Screens

Soon, you may not even see a cigarette in your movie or television as vaporizers and e-cigarettes become more and more common!


Once upon a time, a well-placed cigarette in the hands of the leading actress or actor on a movie or television was not only common, but essential, but that’s all changing. Over the last few years, Hollywood has not only been moving away from smoking and traditional cigarettes, but they have also been inching closer towards e-cigarettes and vaporizers.


Vaping is rapidly growing in popularity around the world, and the rise of television shows and movies featuring people vaping reflects this trend. Let’s face it; if it wasn’t popular or cool, then there is no way in hell that Hollywood would be doing it. This growth in vaping is seeing thousands of people around the world make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and vaporizers.


To help you check out some of the television and movies that are featuring vaping, we made you a list! Check out where vaping is making the big screen below!


  • House of Cards – One of the first television shows to feature someone vaping, Kevin Spacey is shown using an e-cigarette to attempt to kick his cigarette habit. In another scene, Kevin is seen vaping by his wife, who get’s upset that he’s still smoking. Kevin says it’s okay, he’s not smoking it’s just vapor. This was a big statement that made the vaping community breath a big sigh of relief.


  • 2 Broke Girls – 2 Broke Girls aired on CBS in 2011, and has several scenes featuring a diner full of hipster vapers. While not all vapers are hipsters, it’s always encouraging to see vaping get some airtime on mainstream media. One of the exciting things about 2 Broke Girls is that the show features a lot of cool mods, and not as many of the cheaper pen style e-cigarettes.


  • Drive Hard – John Cusack, a vaping advocate, is frequently seen in the movie
    Drive Hard holding an e-cigarette. Cusack has also been seen vaping or holding an e-cigarette in several of his other movies, like Maps to the Stars and Reclaim. Maybe it’s because he enjoys vaping so much that Cusack makes vaping in his roles look natural, and not staged like other actors.


  • The Tourist – One of the first movies to feature someone vaping, in The Tourist, actor Johnny Depp is seen vaping on a train while actress Angeline Jolie sits talking to him in front of a no-smoking sign. The movie itself wasn’t as exciting as the fact that for the first time Hollywood embraced vaping as a series alternative to smoking.


  • The Simpsons – There is quite a lot of vaping on The Simpsons, but it may not be the message that most of the vaping community want to be advertised. In several episodes, kids are seen to be vaping or blowing e-cig vapor rings or being sold flavored e-liquid. You can’t always have it both ways, and the writers of The Simpsons prove that not everyone out there is fans of vaping. 

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04 Aug 2018

By Ben Jackson

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