Yocan Dive: A Unique Vaping Experience

Yocan Dive: A Unique Vaping Experience


The Yocan Dive Vaporizer has been developed to break barriers, transcending the boundaries in the world of vaping. While it feels and looks like other wax pen vaporizers, Yocan Dive functions uniquely. It is considered a nectar collector that allows vaping wax concentrates from the container directly. This means that using this device will save your precious time and your material from transferring wax from a jar to the chamber. Once you get to know Yocan Dive, you'll realize how much it saves you from the stress and hassle of cleaning leftovers or material buildups that normally happen in using a traditional heating element. 


What Makes Yocan Dive Standout from the Rest

The ultimate secret lies within the device touch style coils. They are made from carefully selected medical-grade parts. With these unique coils, you can easily use it for dabbing straight right into a concentrate bowl as what you would normally do with an average nectar collector. These pen from Yocan lets you experience the similar vaping style without the risk of utilizing a haphazard tool rather than using butane heated titanium nails.


Yocan Vapes have generally become smarter and safer for both the user and the environment. The Yocan Dive eliminates the risks of burning yourself. It also reduces harming your friends like what normally happens in a group session. There are risks involved in the use of a blow torch which can potentially cause serious damage. Yocan Dive Vaporizer is one of the best Yocan vapes wherein this electronic nectar collector is an all-in-one device involving a single-handed operation. It means that a user can enjoy dabbing directly from the wax container, taking more concentrates without the use of a dab tool. Now, any user can enjoy greater amounts of concentrates with the freedom from a restricted small chamber, no worrying about regularly reloading your device. It benefits those who have a high tolerance, making the Yocan Dive a perfect vaporizer for casual group sessions or parties and big events with friends.


When it comes to portability and preparation time, nectar collectors are the leaders in the game. These are the most preferred method of dabbing because fewer concentrates are wasted. Unlike traditional vaporizers, you don't have to guess of the amount of concentrate you have got. You are able to monitor the amount of concentrate you have used because you'll be able to see the concentrates from the container directly as you vaporize.


Highlighting the Best Features of Yocan Dive

The Yocan Dive has brought huge improvements on traditional nectar collector. It does not only provide users a torch-less way of dabbing but also expanding the user's vaping horizon through its 3 preset temperature profiles, choosing from either low heat setting, medium, or high setting. Yocan ensures that each temperature profile can be adjusted to fit everyone's vaping needs. If you want to take advantage of the most flavorful vapor, the most appropriate is a low heat setting, facilitating slow and low burning, allowing your favorite concentrate to vaporize. It yields smoother, flavorful, and milky hits. While the vapor production in low temperature is not really the best for dabs, the subtle and mild effects are perfect for users looking for mild euphoria, helping them get through their busy day. When it comes to the high-temperature profile, it has more intensified effects, yielding thicker vapor. The mild temperature setting promotes a perfect balance of vapor and flavor.


The Yocan Dive vaporizer is a portable wax(dab) pen and nectar collector in one. You can now conveniently use a nectar collector with the versatility and portability of also using a reliable wax pen vaporizer at the same time. It has a powerful 650mAh battery that uses a Micro-USB charger, making it easier to keep your device charged.  It is an easy-to-use electronic device which is a wax pen and nectar collector in one. The best features of Yocan Dive include:


  • 3 Varying Heating Modes
  • Convenient and Unique Touch Coil Design
  • Magnetic Coil Cover (Easy Storage)


What Comes with a Yocan Dive Kit

Avail your first Yocan Dive today and enjoy every part and accessory that comes with it including the following:


  • Yocan Dive Vaporizer (1)
  • Touch Style Coils (1)
  • Micro-USB Cable (1)
  • User Manual (1)


The Yocan Dive is specially equipped with 3 power or temperature settings that can easily be identified via the color-coded LED lights. Enjoy the varying effects from your most precious concentrates, from the less viscous clouds of the lowest setting, perfect vapor and flavor mix of the medium setting, to the amplified high for the highest power setting. Here are the full specifications of the Yocan Dive:


  • On/Off:  Simply click the button 5 times (2-3 seconds)
  • Power Levels: 

-Red Light (Low Power)

-Green Light (Medium Power)

-White Light (High Power)

  • Power Level Adjustment:  Quickly click the button thrice
  • 650mAh Battery Capacity
  • Micro-USB Battery Charge Type
  • Battery Protection:

     -Low Voltage is indicative when there are ten consecutive blinks needing recharging.

     -Short Circuit is indicative when there are three consecutive clinks as a result of a bad coil.

     -Overtime is indicative when there are eight consecutive blinks (blinking after 10 seconds of use).


Now, you'll have the peace of mind because the Yocan Dive possesses these safety battery protections that serve as warning signals to prevent unwanted mishaps while using the device. You just have to enjoy every vaping session using Yocan Vapes every time!



The new Yocan Dive Portable Vaporizer breaks the ground of vaping devices. It uses an extraordinary touch style coil, allowing the user to consume concentrates from the container directly.  It prevents the loading of a coil in a messy way, saving time and effort at the same time. The Yocan Dive’s three distinct heating modes allow you to select between low heating, medium setting, or high power. Yocan Vapes are really outstanding and never stop innovating with time and technology. Enjoy the versatility, portability, and uniqueness of the Yocan Dive in every vaping session anytime, anywhere!

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15 Feb 2019


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