Tired of your vaporizer, tank, or coils? Then it could be time to check out 5 of the best vaping coils of 2017!


It’s easy to fall into the habit of just putting up with your vaporizer and tanks. They can be expensive to replace, you already know how to get the most out of them, and you have heaps of coils and spare parts floating around. You can always sell your used vaping gear, and then use that cash to purchase one of 2017’s best coils that are pumping out some serious clouds and flavor.


Flavor and vaping go hand in hand together. There are some terrible e-liquids out there, but there are also some absolutely delicious e-liquids that you won’t be able to resist. You want great clouds, but e-liquid flavor goes hand-in-hand with vaping. So, how do you get great flavor? By using one of the best coils out there for flavor! Here are 5 of the best from 2017!


We’ll start off with five of the best coils, then go into more details below!

  • Tidal Wire – Heats up well, and produces some great flavor.
  • The Flat Bastard Coil – Great flavor, and offers vapers nice sustained heat.
  • The Tiger Coil – Good flavor, and easy to twist.
  • The Hive Coil – You’ll get a large heating area, plus added ohms labels for safer vaping.
  • Clapton Coils – Price wise they’re hard to beat! Large surface area, and some big cloud production.


Tidal Wire – Tidal Wire coils are made of a single strand of ribbon wire, plus four strands of .8mm Kanthal A1 32-gauge wire. They make the Tidal Wire by twisting the Kanthal, then twisting the ribbon wire in a reverse direction over the Kanthal. The Kanthal strands heat up quickly, while the ribbon wire gives you a denser heat. Great for pumping out some serious clouds and really tasting that e-liquid.


The Flat Bastard Coil – If you want more flavor from your RDA, this is another great coil to look at. This coil is Kanthal wire which has been wrapped by .5mm ribbon wire. Much like the coil above, but it doesn’t heat up as quickly while the Kanthal wire sustains the heat. Careful making this coil, it can get quite hard to install.


The Tiger Coil – This coil not only produces some great flavor, but it’s also one of the easiest to make. You make the Tiger Coil with one strand of .8mm ribbon wire, and a strand of 32-gauge Kanthal. It may seem like a simple coil compared to others available, but it really is a beautiful coil that produces some serious clouds!


The Hive Coil – Great clouds brings serious flavor with the Hive Coil! The makers of the Hive Coil are on point with cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike. Pre-made from four strands of Kanthal wire, you won’t be disappointed.


Clapton Coils – Clapton Coils are a staple for many experienced vapers. There is a reason why this name comes up in vaping circles time, and time again. Quality coils delivered time and time again. Want big clouds and big vapor. Then the Clapton Coils are well worth their costs.



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