Laughing Buddha For Giggles, Happiness and Creativity

Cannabis strains that prompt anyone to giggle are perfect for those suffering from mental issues like hopelessness, stress or mood swings. These strains can likewise help individuals with chronic physical suffering as it will enhance their overall emotional state.

In case you're searching for some senseless and friendly Sativa then Laughing Buddha is the one. It's ideal for dynamic outdoor activities and social gatherings. It can relieve the symptoms of depression. Also if you need to unwind during the day then opt for Laughing Buddha.

Origin of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a cross between landrace and legacy strains from Thai and Jamaican origins. The Thai strain is Sativa that is responsible for creating numerous cross breed strains.

Indian indentured workers introduced cannabis into Jamaica. Since then the country has developed its own heirloom strains, which is a noteworthy element of Jamaican culture.

Details About the Strain

Laughing Buddha plant is popular for growing large buds that are enveloped in a shimmering sticky frost layer.

Cannabis aficionados familiar with the remarkably spindly, tapering bud structures of Thai and Jamaican strains will notice this legacy in the blossoms of Laughing Buddha although its large blooms are more extended than round.

Laughing Buddha leaves possess a dull yellow-green shade and the plants surface texture is relatively ragged and fluffy. Cloudy white colored trichomes are spread over the buds, which gives an icy look. The overwhelming fragrance of Laughing Buddha is ambiguously tropical including aromas of citrus and herbs. In addition there is a toasted, nutty character which surrounds these aromas and stops them from smelling excessively acidic or fruity.

Grinding or tearing the blossoms produces a hot and peppery whiff. Whenever combusted Laughing Buddha flames with a smooth and rich smoke. When exhaled this smoke has a lemon zest emphasized with herbs.

Laughing Buddha Experience

The blend of these two traditional strains brought about the lovely and empowering Laughing Buddha. It is a genuinely powerful bud with an 18% THC level.

While new users can experience some uneasiness and fear, veteran smokers get the most benefit from this strain.

Spice and citrus are the uplifting aromas in Laughing Buddha. The nose can inhale the sweet orange/lemon fragrances and a potent earthy flavor lingers on the tongue.

Laughing Buddha cannabis strain effects are a rapid high. Initially, users can be caught off guard with sudden feelings of changed perception and varying focus on external stimuli. Other senses can gain a new intensity like visual distortion.

Soon, however, users get familiar with this new sensation and discover that their pressures and stresses have evaporated. Simultaneously, they are directed towards a euphoric and giddy mood.

Such cordial and positive vibes can make you feel at ease in social settings, where Laughing Buddha encourages fascinating and interesting discussions.

As the Sativa high starts to decrease its dominance the Indica body-high sneaks in. This offers physical relaxation without weakening the user. Laughing Buddha encourages relaxation and productivity in equal measure. Therefore, it is an awesome strain for using during the daytime or late evening.

Medical Benefits

  • Alters mood - Giggly and happy
  • Temporary mental relief from anxiety, stress, PTSD and depression
  • Spend time creatively
  • Enhances mental concentration
  • Feel energetic

Growing Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is purely Sativa, so has a lengthy flowering time. If grown indoors its height needs to be kept in check with regular trimming and pruning. When the strain starts to flower, growers will need to support the tall stalks from drooping under the heavy colas and large bud’s weight. Growers gain a lot from their yields.

Laughing Buddha is the first choice for encouraging giggles, boosting alertness and providing a cerebral buzz. Its effectiveness and potency has been rewarded with becoming a Cannabis Cup Winner. Therefore, give it a try!


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