The 5 most important differences between smoking and vaping.

You’re may be wondering, why is everybody vaping instead of smoking a regular cigarette now days?


And why do people keep smoking cigarettes? Are vapers good?

We’ve made ourselves the same questions and we’ve come up with a little list that will let you understand a little bit more about the functionality of both smoking methods.

You can be the judge of them.


1. The inhaling

From the beginning and above it all, it’s very important to emphasize the fact that unlike the traditional cigarette, when vaping in your electronic cigarette, you have to vacuum gently and long to obtain a good steam production.

In a traditional cigarette, the stronger you aspire the more combustion is fueled. It means that more smoke will be produced.

In the vaper happens the exact opposite: the more slowly you inhale it, the more e-liquid will it drain to the vaporizer and so, more vapor and flavor we will be produced.


2. More air entries

The first thing we’ve mentioned has varied slightly over the years though.

There have been invented brand new devices on the vaping market. What they offer now are greater intakes, more effective drainage systems and much high power.

The performance and sensations are much higher than the first electronic cigarettes.

Unlike regular cigarettes, the vaping market is constantly evolving.


3. The smoke

The real main difference between traditional cigarettes and vapers is the substance that we inhale:

In a traditional cigarette we inhale smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco along with the additives and the paper.

In a vaper, we inhale steam produced by heating the e-liquid.

There is a change of state from liquid to vapor and never combustion, so no harmful new substances can get generated.

This vapor may contain nicotine on levels ranging from 0 mg / ml to 18 mg / ml and it’s absorbed through the mouth and lungs.


4. Sensation on the throat

That sensation that we get when we smoke, a hit on your throat, is one of the things that people like when smoking.

But, most people have claim to feel that, that hit is even better when vaping than smoking a traditional cigarette.


5. The flavor

The flavor is not actually the same between them.

Vaping doesn’t carry smoke, tar, toluene, ammonia, or any other harmful substances that regular cigarettes have for that manner.

But right after you buy vape, you will realize just how bad tobacco actually tastes like.





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