If you’re thinking of buying a new vaporizer or e-cigarette, but not sure where to start, then the following article will explain the difference between a cheap mod and an expensive one!


Even for people who have using e-cigarettes or vaporizers for a while, choosing between models can be a difficult task. If you’re new to vaping and finding it hard to narrow down all the lingo, then you’re not alone. That’s why we wrote this vaping article to help you learn the difference between a cheap mod and an expensive one. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about how much you want to spend on a vaporizer and what type of vaporizer is best suited to your vaping needs!


There a lot of questions which beginners have about vaporizers. Will the taste be better with a more expensive vaporizer? Will my vaping experience be better or worse depending on how much I spend on my vaporizer? Will the clouds be bigger or smaller? Will a more expensive mod or vaporizer make it easier for me to quit smoking? Will the battery on a cheaper mod last the same amount of time as a more expensive vaporizer? All very valid questions. The hardest part about starting vaping is learning what all the different components and terms are and how they work together.


The most important thing we can say about purchasing a vaporizer is to remember the old saying ‘you get what you pay for.’ It’s still as true today as when it was first said many years ago. Below we’ll cover the most important difference between a cheap mod and an expensive one!


  • The size of the batteries in smaller tube or pen style e-cigarettes like the eGo vaporizers is much smaller and less powerful. While smaller vaporizers have smaller coils to suit, you can only go so low with the coils. The average coil on a smaller vaporizer is approximately 1.5 ohms. No sub-ohm vaping happening there.


  • The batteries produce less power and last less time. You’ll probably be charging your vaporizer at least once per day compared to once every 2-3 days for larger, more expensive mods.


  • Along with smaller battery, you also lose the ability to be able to remove your battery. In smaller mods, the battery is hardwired into the device and chip. If the battery dies, your entire mod is dead. With larger, more expensive mods you’ll be able to remove your batteries and replace them to charge or replace them.


  • Larger more expensive mods work with better tanks and coils. You’ll be able to adjust your airflow on the tank to vape the way you want. This high-level of customization allows you to vape hot or cold and pump out some seriously delicious clouds of vapor.


  • The quality is generally better on more expensive mods. Where a cheaper mod may last six months, you could get several years out of a more expensive mod if you look after it. You can also customize a more expensive mod with different tanks and coil setups.

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