Heard Stories of Batteries Exploding, Shorting Out, Or Venting? Then Learn How to Safely Care for Your Vaporizer or E-Cigarettes Battery the Right Way!


We have all seen or heard the horror stories of batteries exploding or venting inside vaporizers and e-cigarettes. What you probably don’t know is, that almost 99% of those accidents could have easily been avoided with the right advice. Sensationalizing accidents is just the mainstream media’s way of cashing in on scaremongering. Don’t just be another news story, take care of the battery inside your e-cigarette or vaporizer with these useful tips!


· If you’re thinking of building your own mod or vaporizer, then ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing! Use the correct equipment like an ohm’s meter, watch tutorials and if in doubt don’t use it.

· When you’re charging your batteries, never leave them on the charger unattended, or overcharge them while you sleep. To get the most life out of your battery, only charge it for as long as it needs. Don’t run them all the way down to empty and then overcharge them as they can become hot and explode.

· Never use a battery that looks damaged in any way. If your battery casing looks like it has been dented, damaged, unwrapped or leaking, then dispose of it and get another battery. When you look at the prices of batteries, the best brand name batteries aren’t really that expensive.

· Stick to well-known brands. For the sake of a few dollars, you are just as likely to find most brand name batteries are very competitively priced. Try to avoid using second-hand batteries, or cheap brands that have poor reviews.

· Try to avoid exposing your battery to either excessive heat, or excessive cold. By looking after your battery carefully, you’ll get a much longer life out of it.


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