Here’s what you can expect when you make the switch from smoking cigarettes to using a vaporizer or e-cigarette!

Everyone is talking about how much better it is for you when you quit smoking and make the switch to e-cigarettes or vaporizers. You may be surprised to learn just how quickly you’ll begin to see and feel many of the changes after you quit smoking and start vaping. Within hours of quitting smoking and starting to use e-cigarettes and vaporizers, you’ll start experiencing changes.


  • Eight Hours – Within eight hours of smoking your last cigarette, your body will begin to improve. The amount of oxygen in your blood will start to return to normal levels, even if you’re already vaping! Because e-cigarettes don’t contain carbon monoxide like traditional cigarettes, your body will soon begin the process of detoxifying itself.


  • Twenty-Four Hours – Within 24 hours your body will have begun the detoxifying process. Your lungs will start the process of removing toxins and tar from cigarettes. Your lungs will finally have the opportunity to start the repair process without further damage from cigarettes.


  • Forty-Eight Hours – It’s at 48 hours that you will begin to notice that your sense of smell and your sense of taste will begin to improve. Things like food and drink will begin to taste better, and you’ll start to notice that certain things will smell much more fragrant. After you quit smoking, your body will have the opportunity to start repairing the receptors in your nose and mouth that were damaged due to smoking cigarettes.


  • Seventy-Two Hours – You should begin to notice that your breathing is becoming easier and more regulated. The tar in your bronchial tubes will begin to clear, and your lung capacity and breathing will start to improve.


  • Three to Nine Months – It is now that you’ll begin to see improvement with coughing and wheezing if you’ve managed to stay cigarette free. Your lungs have had a good opportunity to clear all the toxins from smoking, and your breathing should be deeper and more even than when you were smoking.


  • Five Years – If you have managed to stay cigarette free for five years, you have successfully reduced your chances of having a heart by half. The longer you can stay off the cigarettes, the lower your chances of heart attack will be and the less damage to your heart cells you’ll experience.


  • Ten Years – At Ten years your chances of contracting lung cancer have been reduced by half compared to when you were smoking cigarettes. This is because e-cigarette vapor doesn’t contain the carcinogens that cigarette smoke contains. Your chances of a heart attack are now equivalent to someone that has never smoked.


The longer that you can quit smoking, the better your health will be. UsedVape has numerous vaping articles and blogs about the benefits of vaping, and how you can start vaping. If you have any questions about vaping, then feel free to contact us directly or interact with users on our vaping forum.


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