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What is orion dna go pod

by Dhami Vaibhav on May 31, 2020

What is Orion dna go pod are the smoke is the only seller

Answers and Comments

Puff Vaibhav Posted on May 31, 2020

Thanks buddy for great information

Dhami Vaibhav Posted on May 31, 2020

Lost Orion DNA Pod system is a product that comes with the replaceable Pod Device. This product comes with two different refillable pods in every package and these two variants are 0.25-ohm & 0.5-ohm. The 0.25-ohm replacement Pod system works best with the standard sub-ohm e-liquid & direct-to-lung vaping. Whereas, the 0.5-ohm works best with the Nicotine salt. Hence, they are the exclusive fits in the Orion DNA Go, which is a different product. Though, the Lost Orion DNA Pod comes with the excellently designed 3ml of the refillable cartridge. The Orion mod will automatically tell the resistance of your pod & hence, can adjust accordingly to give you a smoother drag as well as a better flavor.

However, the adjustable mouthpiece lets you customize the airflow for your preferred style of mouth to lung vaping & the 0.5-ohm replacement pod system works best with the Nicotine salt e-liquids.

In order to fill your Orion DNA Pod, simply twist off the cap located at the top of each pod system & hence, fill with your vape juice as per the choice. It is recommended for each new pod to sit for 15 minutes before using it. However, the Orion DNA Pods normally lasts for around 14-15 days with moderate usage. Though, every refillable pod can hold up to 2ml of vape juice & uses organic cotton wicking. Hence, the mouthpiece is adjustable, letting you customize the airflow for either mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping as well.

Therefore, the Lost Orion DNA Pod are 100% authentic pods. The Orion DNA Pods comes with excellently designed cartridges. These pods have no rechargeable batteries.

However, the Lost Orion DNA Pod recommends the following juice types for each pod:

  • 0.25-ohm pods work best with the sub-ohm juices.
  • 0.5-ohm pods work best with the Nicotine Salt Juices.