Blue Raspberry – iQuit Salt Nicotine Premium E-Liquids


Blue Raspberry By iQuit Salt Nicotine Premium E-Liquids is produced amazingly from superior quality of raspberry extract. Blue Raspberry – iQuit Salt Nicotine Premium E-Liquids is the tangy and sweet-sour taste of Blue-Raspberry generally we all might have tasted with candies, syrups or other food items.  The same electrifying taste now can be experienced with vape will be hit to the extreme in vapers’ world.

About iQuit Salt Nicotine Premium E-Liquids

Amazing flavor profile and really smooth throat hit make iQuit different than other ordinary e-liquids available with high nicotine. iQuit provides higher nicotine level and with that, it brings low output systems to life. Due to an ability to quickly absorb into the bloodstream, ‘Nic Salt E-Juice’ provides an absolute feel of traditional cigarettes. iQuit comes in various mouth-watering flavors and strength of 50mg.


Size: 30mL 

Nicotine strength: 50MG.

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