Drako Mods Commandant Stacked Mech Mod


This mod is built for pure performance made from the highest quality metals. Functioning with a solid copper switch/lower contact combination and a solid silver spring from Vape Mechanics. Even the engraved designs on the body improves the conductivity of power through your mod. With the hybrid top hat design, all these attributes will have you chucking clouds with the best of them, while maintaining the composure of your battery. We’ve also installed double sided venting for safety. Venting is in the top hat as well as the switch. You won’t be disappointed with this mod, that’s a promise!

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6427 Winderness Road Dublin, Virginia
Dublin, Virginia
United States

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  • Premium Quality
  • Best Flavor
  • No Leaking

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Price $ 209.99

+1 540-818-0514

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