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The door to the FlavourArt experience was opened wide and everyone was made welcome. Being able to choose from a huge range of quality flavourings in practical quantities proved to be much appreciated by both amateur and professional cooks, bakers, and anyone who wanted to add spice or flavour to their culinary creations. Going online enabled FlavourArt to reach a worldwide audience quickly, their reputation for quality and service providing both the perfect advertisement and supportive testimony.


In 2009, the paths of FlavourArt and Electronic Cigarettes first met; little did anyone know at that time just what a significant impact this serendipitous rendezvous would have on the world of vaping. One question was all it took to trigger an incredible chain of events, "can your flavours be used for electronic cigarettes?". This simple question prompted discussion from which ideas evolved that inspired Max to evaluate the possibilities of developing products specifically for this unusual application. The following five years saw FlavourArt apply its talents and resources in an intensely dedicated and thoroughly professional manner, with quality, research, testing, and safety, being prioritised. The nature of their work was largely unprecedented in this field and was self-motivated; it also required major investment funded by the successful growth of the FlavourArt business.

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Via Carmine, 39, Via Delle Industrie 26, 28047 Ole
Milan, Lombardy 08002

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