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A simple man, retired US Marine from the Vietnam era. I taught English to Chinese Children
around the Vietnam-China border. I worked with Jimmy Carters group to improve the quality of life for these children. Building repair and teaching, and most of all, showing that some Americans cared about them. Habitat for Humanity does many things, but I never expected to be doing this. I liked the country so much that I decided to stay for a couple of years and see all that I could.
I even slept with a Yak one night to keep warm, wow, I had to come out just to cool off. They are like a propane stove, in more ways than one. They emit noxious fumes from what they eat all day. But are very friendly if you are introduced by the owner, this was a hilarious experience. My next trip brought me to the Manufacturing area of Shenzhen and I learned about Vaping from a select group of owners at a convention for Vapers, there are a lot of Vapors in China, and they make fabulous juices in the laboratories there. I was a smoker, and I quit right then and became a vapor. I was fascinated by the process of engineering that goes into a vape. I spent a lot of time at Rof Vape, they inspired me to go into the vape Business when I went back to the USA

We are different as we have served our Country proudly, we can serve you proudly as
well. "Semper Fidelis", always faithful. We will serve till death.


Our Company is a little different

We know the vape business, many people buy things they do not need which they do not need. We try to educate a person, personally through A free phone line on Skype or Email.

We love to sell you stuff because it changes your life, a smoker can stop on the spot and that to me is the greatest thing I can do forl person at a time. Get them to STOP SMOKING. 
We are experts in Vapenology, and proud of it. 

Our Sense of Values 

Lets say you call us and ask about a $139.00 box mod, I'll ask you some questions about your vaping style. With those few question we can tell if this mod is for you or recommend one for $59.00. That is a big change in your pocket, but will do the same as you feel you need to be at a certain level. Vaping is a gradual reduction in nicotine intake. We do not sell Tobacco Products Here. That is what Stop And Go does. Not FogVapor Does. We do customize the experience for that curious person that wants to start vaping or the pro's that seek the finest equipment from Vapers Cloud, which we are on of a select distribution network throughout the world. We are so proud to represent that line.

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1519 E Erie St Springfield
Springfield, Missouri
United States

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