Kanger KTOGO Starter Kit


About Kanger KTOGO All-in-one Starter Kit KTOGO is a new Vapor system all-in-one starter kit, Features the most innovative and forward-looking, you can change the taste at will without cleaning or changing the tank and the atomizing coil, it is very convenient. It is made of unique steel, copper and magnesium composite material, this material is remarkably durable and solid, ensuring that your KTOGO will remain resilient and long-lasting. Moreover, the alloy blend is phenomenally rust and corrosion-resistance, allowing it to withstand exposure to the elements. KTOGO comes with high-capacity 2000mAh built-in battery and boasts a whopping 6ml of liquid capacity, providing you the ability to vape for extended periods of time between refills; features a window on its face, you can easily monitor the remaining e-juice within the tank. In a word, it comes with compact size and outstanding performance, If you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use, small, and well-performing vaping device that requires virtually no skill to operate, it is the perfect choice for you. perfect for beginners who don’t wish to bother with numerous settings. Features of Kanger KTOGO Starter Kit 1. Metal alloy material, durable (steel, copper, and magnesium) 2. Large E-juice capacity: 6ml 3. With High Battery Capacity: 2000mAh 4. Top Filling system 5. Easy to switch electronic cigarette flavor (change the E-juice), no need to clean or replace the tank and atomizing coils 6. Single-button operation, easy to operate 7. Sleek, elegant, and compact, this handsome device is surprisingly small and lightweight, allowing you to easy store and transport it 8. features a window on its face, you can easily monitor the remaining e-juice within the tank. 9. Shocking appearances with balck, red, silver, white, blue, always a suitable one for you 10. Refillable and disposable cartridge 11. Patented design, juice and coil separately technology

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