Designed for both 20700 and 21700 batteries, the mod and both doors are precisely milled from a solid block of aluminum (Billet aluminum) T6 6061, the alloy used in aeronautic applications due to its resistant qualities. Protected by a hard-anodized coating that leaves an extremely invulnerable surface.

The inside features: a Teflon locking mechanism, custom made Krönig Mods silicon bottle, silver plated leak proof 510 connector and pure silver 999 (20 gauge) contacts for achieving the highest conductivity.

The doors included with the box are both made of aluminum T6 6061, one including the stabilized wood panel. The panel is made from European maple burl, stabilized, shaped and lacquered by hand. Since no piece of wood is the same all panels differ from each other.

CNC and handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.

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