ReWick'D RDA/RDTA by Wick'D



ReWick'D's airflow inserts better as it is easier to remove and install. Instead of using screws to secure the airflow insert, we use o-rings instead. If you're wondering if the airflow insert will rotate overtime during use, it won't. There is a rounded square cutout same as the WICK'D to prevent the airflow insert from rotating.

Pakage Includes:

  • 1 deck BF RDA wick'd + pine no BF
  • 1 deck dripper wick'd tank (RDTA) with holes for 4mm cotton,
  • 3 types of airflow set (from air to mtl)
  • 1 set of full airflow (to block an air supply)
  • 1 spare pack (key, seals, insulator)
  • 1 storage box

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