Vaporesso Corex Ceramic



The specially formulated cellular ceramic compound allows us to create uniformed microporous inlet holes, allowing heat and liquid to be distributed evenly, giving a smoother, richer cloud.Evenly distributing the heat means all of the juice can be vaporized fully to realize larger, thicker clouds than ever before.

COREX enhances nicotine delivery and flavor production. It can give instant satisfaction from the first inhale without waiting for a ‘warm-up’, and this experience can last longer than ever.

COREX has the ability to reach the perfect atomizing temperature in the first 0.2 seconds of your puff. The interaction between the mesh heating element and the distribution of porosity allow vapers to have an extended period to enjoy the same performance they got from the first puff, as the rate of heating from the first puff to the 1000th one is nearly identical.

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