Kai's Virgin Vapor Organic e-Liquid - "Afterglow", 12mg/ml, 100% VG


Kai's Virgin Vapor organic e-liquid - "Afterglow" flavor, 12mg/ml, 100% VG, 30ml bottle. All organic ingredients. Completely unused/unopened bottle with plastic seal still intact. I ordered it directly from the Kai's Virgin Vapor website 4 months ago. Retail price: $22.50. Description of the "Afterglow" flavor from Kai's website: "Bask in the calming taste of pure lavender followed by a burst of sweet pomegranate and the grounding finish of earthy bergamot. [...] Flavors are all pure extractions from fruits, flowers and nuts. Ingredients: Certified Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade Nicotine, Certified Organic Flavors." I also have a 1/2 used bottle of Kai's Virgin Vapor "Perfect Peach" organic e-liquid (12mg/ml, 100% VG, 15ml bottle, retail $13.50) that I will include for free if you're interested. Price is negotiable.




Pearl River, New York 10965
United States


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